May 21, 2022

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Zion Williamson has reportedly obtained a permit to carry out basketball activities

Zion Williamson has reportedly obtained a permit to carry out basketball activities

We are one step away from the vision Zion Williamson Back to the basketball court again.

According to Shams Charania and Will Guillory of The Athletic, Williamson has been allowed to start basketball activities and will return to New Orleans Pelicans.

This is great news for Williamson, Pelicans, and fans. Just a few weeks ago, it was reported that Zion may need a second surgery. Now, just like that, he’s back on track and might even appear in a game before the end of the season. And with the Bills’ side rising to center stage in recent days, news of Williamson’s potential return could not have come at a better time.

Zion is out since last year

Williamson has not appeared in an NBA game since May 4, 2021. Just before the Summer League, Williamson broke his foot, which required surgery. The Pelicans revealed this near the end of September 2021, and they said they hoped it would be back in time for the regular season. Not in time for it, But he was making progress. By mid-November, he was cleared of individual training, and by the end of the month He was acquitted of full basketball activities.

Zion Williamson of The Pelicans has reportedly been cleared of basketball activities after rehabilitating a broken foot for about eight months. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

But that’s when Zion stopped moving forward and started moving backwards. After just five days off for full basketball activities, he tested Soreness in his surgically repaired right foot. The pain continued and it was It is closed from all basketball activities. is finally He got an injection in his foot, But by early January, the Pelicans said Zion was not acclimating to the team — He was rehab in Portland, Oregon. While still under the auspices of the team.

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Then we stopped hearing about Williamson for a while – though we found out that he and CJ McCollum, Pels’ latest acquisition, He hasn’t even spoken since he joined the team. We also discovered that Williamson’s foot was having trouble healing. Towards the end of February, Christian Clark of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported that He may need a second operation on his right foot. Which will almost certainly put him out of service for the rest of the season.

Which is why the Saturday news was a welcome and unexpected surprise. With setback after setback, no one really expected to see Zion at all this season, so finding out he’s closer than ever to a comeback is exciting. Williamson may need time to get rid of the rust and get back to speed, but this version of the Zion mileage better than the injured Zion.