July 2, 2022

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Zen-fascism is on the right and hopes not to make mistakes – 06/15/2022

This is the first time you have read the expression “Zen-fascism”. You do not need to explain much to understand this event and especially to remember the sequence of situations he described on social networks.

I learned expression from comedian Claudio Manoel, and he learned it from Nelson Motta. “Zen-fascism” is a term coined by Ted Kennedy’s punk band in 1979 to criticize California Governor Jerry Brown. Is inside Song California Uber Alles.

Truth be told, there is no easy definition of the word fascism. Norberto Papio died without any risk, he argued, as it relates to his own historical dimension. This is Italian fascism and German fascism in the early 20th century, not a concept.

However, on social media, there are those who find fascism even in the hot dog stand. Today I found out that all liberals are fascists. That would be true if told on the internet.

There are even defenders of the Liberals’ physical aggression and physical elimination. For them, the important thing is that liberals live in fear of their own security.
Interestingly, among left-wing Democrats, the reaction is low, and sometimes nothing at all. It is very common to try to compromise, reduce or justify such behavior. As Paulsonarism has proven, allowing allows groups to lead to radicalization.

Ted Kennedy’s punk political abuse turned into a prophecy in practice. “Zen-fascism” describes a significant aspect of Italian fascism, viewing the group and its leader as an enemy who destroys those who do not adhere 100%.

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All those who did not fully adhere to Italian fascism were branded as “socialists”, a brand that justified any form of persecution or retaliation, including physical ones. Liberals were the main targets.

In the ber Alles, California, Jerry Brown uses fascist methods to implement hippie policies. Schools will force children to meditate, everyone will be forced to always have a happy face, the secret police will come to anyone who is not “cold”, and the gas chamber will be just organic gas.

Since the motives are classic, even the control of freedom and physical compulsion will implement anything.

The first step is to make the opponent inhumane. He must represent evil. Olao de Carvalho taught not to talk to him because he did not respect his political opponent. He supported cursing and teasing. Physical violence, if necessary.

On social networks, there are some tricks to minimize and make fun of. If possible, create derogatory nicknames using the first or last name. Used as a photographic or print source to promote group aggression. When targets complain, it is obviously “mmimi”. They deserve to be attacked. If necessary, the aggressor apologizes and explains that the person he attacked is the cause.

Often the initial occupation is wiped out from the networks. It does not have to be active to exist, the “axis is eternal”. These axes are spread across all social networks and are implicitly called targeted.

“The sure way to prepare a crusade for some good cause is to promise people that they will get a chance to abuse someone. With a good conscience can destroy, can misbehave and call it ‘justifiable anger’ is the height of psychological luxury,” said Altus Huxley, who died. Kennedys died before recording their first album.

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It may not seem like a great way to defend freedom and democracy, but it is certainly a technique that is practical.