May 24, 2022

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You're done with "Little Wonderland Tina"

You’re done with “Little Wonderland Tina”

This week, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands released a new patch and New DLC. Usually, this would be something to encourage more play and provide a reason to come back for more farming. But for me, it had the opposite effect, and I think it was time for me to move on from the game as one of the “cultivable thief”.

First, the patch did something I wasn’t particularly interested in, raising Chaos Levels to a new maximum of 35 and introducing a new rarity of gear in who – which The highest level. This is a couple of months after the game’s release, and I’ve finally just started finding my groove in Elite Chaos 20 missions and started hunting for flying weapons (which only go down at level 20).

right Now? It feels like pulling the rug out, like I did now else 15 levels to grind after the 20 you just finished and now the best range equipment you had just started on the farm via a few characters with right away. It also doesn’t really help that a file Just The farming you can do in Wonderlands is to play Chaos Dungeons, no matter what level of Chaos, they basically don’t change, so you play the same maps with the same enemies repeatedly. It’s a far cry from the variety of end-game activities in Borderlands itself.

That might have changed with downloadable content this week, but it had the opposite effect. I did talk a bit about it yesterday, but that’s some pretty terrible downloadable content, which is very uncharacteristic of Gearbox, as Borderlands DLC is among the best in the business.

Here, the new $10 DLC Coiled Captors is basically just a unique new dungeon, one without mods and with an easier boss than dungeons (even if it’s more difficult in the next few weeks). The entire content takes 7-10 minutes to run, and unlike Chaos Dungeons, there’s not much blasting to choose from at the end, just anything that drops off the boss (I didn’t get anything) and some spins in the base at the base give new random loot.

The other problem is that the other 4 DLCs coming with the Season Pass look like they’re going to be the same. More of these simplified dungeons, perhaps with new enemies and bosses, but the same concept. No story content, and a worse cultivation episode than the already existing Chaos Dungeons (which is a recurring in itself). Simply put, I kind of hit a wall with this game, both in terms of all the new arbitrary mayhem levels that were suddenly added, and now I know the extra content for the rest of the season isn’t really going to be anything worthwhile, given what we’ve only seen for Captors wrapped.

Not freaked out, I’ve enjoyed my time across three characters so far and have spent many hours working on it. I enjoyed my time. But as a long-term grind, I’d probably call it a day if those are the kinds of post-launch updates that are getting. I’ll be waiting for Borderlands 4 and the new Borderlands tales instead.

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