December 8, 2022

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Young man in critical condition after being attacked by a whale in Australia | The world

An 18-year-old man is in critical condition after being hit by a whale on his boat after jumping into the sea in New South Wales, Canada. Australia. Nick Myhill suffered serious head and neck injuries.

His stepmother, Matt, 39, was badly injured in the crash, but he too was able to call for help and get the boats back to shore, despite the bruises and a concussion on his face.

The New South Wales Police Maritime Rescue Team said an ambulance with paramedics had taken the two to Perth and taken them to hospital after the incident Sunday morning (6).

Authorities believe the whale may also have been injured during the conflict, and the National Parks and Wildlife Service is monitoring the area to find the animal and see if it needs help.

Nick Myhill and his stepmother Matt fishing boat and whale attack in New South Wales, Australia – Photo: NSW Police / G1

Matt and Nick were fishing in the boat when the whale jumped, the species behaving normally. At this time of year, the region receives a large number of cetaceans due to the breeding season.

Be warned to stay away from these animals. “Not only for the safety of the people, but also for the safety of these wonderful creatures,” explained Joe McNaldy, Commander-in-Chief of the Sea Area.

No one should approach a whale within 100 meters of a ship, including boats, surfboards and kayaks, or 300 meters on a ‘restricted vessel’ such as a watercraft. Swimmers and divers should not go within 100 meters of them, ”he said.

The observer determined that the drones must maintain a distance of at least 100 meters from the animals and the helicopters at a distance of at least 500 meters.

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