December 9, 2022

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Young goes viral on the web after discovering the “betrayal” of crushing by mobile reflex; The boy said he was watching the Olympics – look at that!

Guys, American spy agencies need to hire this girl! Kkkk Saturday (24), a young woman living in Miami, identified as Megan-Mary, Virus No. Dictoc After discovering that she is being passed on by one of her “little contacts”. The boy “missed” the girl by claiming she was watching the Olympics with his friends, but in fact he was in another woman’s company

In the video, which already has nearly three million views, Megan explains that she sent a message to her attraction: “Hey, what are you doing?”. The boy responded with a photo from television in which he could be seen spreading some form of the 2020 Olympics. “Watching the Olympics with comrades, see you tomorrow”, Replied.

“I have [a palavra] Was ‘Idiot’ written on the forehead ?! ”, Asked Dictoker on the topic. The young woman noticed that she could see someone’s feet in the mirror on the TV rack, and from her meticulous look, they were definitely women. In addition, I was able to find a glass of wine and another glass of drink on the coffee table. To revolve around her theory that the boy is in someone else’s house, she focused on decorating the room, with floral arrangements and fashion books. Enola Holmes, yourself ?! Hahahahaha

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At first, the Negiss believed Megan-Mary was being betrayed by her boyfriend, and they immediately tried to say it in the comments. “Sorry, you are dealing with a betrayal”, Advised a young woman. “If you’re looking a lot, you should not trust him yet”, Suspects another profile. “He didn’t hide it”, One-third enjoyed.

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However, this Monday (26), the American recorded a new video, which now gives more details about the story. The guy in question was not her boyfriend, but a “little contact” she was talking to a few days after meeting on an app. According to Megan, the concept of “being with guys” was a joke, and after receiving the photo, she praised the decor and responded: “Is it over? [a dona] ‘Thank you,’ he said. “He’s not a piece like everyone says”, The little girl finished, and the two met and enjoyed the consequences. I would already say that Gustavo is Mioto’s anthem, not a single betrayal!

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