February 8, 2023

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You can’t claim magic or charge Lula for her mistakes. When they are, stick to it!

As Jair Bolsonaro, who is still president, abandons motorcycles and focuses on military ceremonies, Bolsonaro groups continue to recklessly attack the polls, demanding that journalists and pundits stay with Lula, a “ruthless” president-elect like Bolsonaro. ok This applies to any president. But it depends on how it goes.

If an epidemic comes and Lula treats it like “little flu,” criticizes the socially isolated as “sissy,” laughs at people dying without oxygen, works against vaccines and face masks, and promotes inappropriate drugs, the Bolsoneristas can rest easy. Stick to it!

Universities, schools, famous pharmacy, school lunches, national vaccination program, everything is on the bone. Photo: Wilton Jr./Estado

If Lula is politically meddling in inspection and control systems, constantly attacking the judiciary, and participating in coups, there is little doubt. Stick to it! It goes without saying that it promotes a spectacular degradation of the environment, education, health, and culture.

And let Lula come and curse the wife of the French president and the person in charge of human rights at the UN, Joe Biden, China, Germany, France, Norway, Argentina, Chile face to face with the US… hey. ! Journalists, diplomats, farmers, investors, and the entire academy… fall head over heels!

In other words: government comes, government goes, and the media continues in its role, which is to publicize and comment on facts and reactions, regardless of ideologies and parties. Lula, with Dilma Rousseff and Bolsonaro as such, is a master of speeches and reprehensible actions. It will be with Lula again.

Time to follow the change, the legislature of the government, the formation of majorities in Congress, and republican relations with the judiciary. While Lula abhors fiscal responsibility, the market, the country’s economists and, of course, the media, register. And they charge.

You cannot treat presidents and unequal situations equally. Inheritance, this time, is really cursed and the big question is how to fix the emergencies of suffering, hunger, health, education, environment, science and technology, culture with scarcity of resources.

Universities, schools, famous pharmacy, school lunches, national vaccination program, everything is on the bone. The suppressed demand for care and treatment from the SUS is frightening, the federal police do not even have money for passports, and debts with international organizations are astronomical.

We will have plenty of time to criticize Lula’s government, and attention has been paid to spotting any hint of monthly payments and petrol, but we can’t magically claim Lula’s wrongdoings or charge Lula. When they are, stick to it!

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