July 2, 2022

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WTO – Brazil withdraws from trade alliance against Russia on 03/15/2022

The Brazilian government has not joined the plan to increase economic and business pressure Russia. On Tuesday, a coalition of nearly 40 countries announced that it was suspending Russia’s trade rights in an unprecedented way in the international arena.

The alliance is led by the United States and 27 EU countries, as well as Canada, Australia, Iceland, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and other countries.

Top transferee sources have indicated that at least for now, Brazil will not join the coalition.

In recent weeks, the Brazilian government has supported the actions of Americans and Europeans in the UN General Assembly, the Security Council and the Human Rights Council. But Itamaraty used his speeches at these meetings to warn against the escalation of unilateral sanctions against Russia, pointing to the danger that the move would pose a threat to world food supplies.

Russia did not include Brazil in the list of hostile countries, and in response to the UOL, Moscow diplomacy stated that the Bolsanaro government “understands” the reasons that led to the Kremlin’s action in Ukraine.

In recent days, the assessment of the Brazilian government has been confirmed by international organizations. The FAO has already warned that the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Moscow risk a 20% rise in food prices. The result will be an increase in world hunger.

Brazil, along with other Latin American countries, has joined the UN. The Food Agency is also considering taking the issue to discussion. The government wants to put pressure on fertilizers, for example, to remove sanctions from the regime, which could have a negative impact on agriculture in rich countries and food supply in poorer countries.

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In a joint statement, however, 40 or more countries stressed that Russia’s isolation would not only be diplomatic, but would also translate into a commitment to suspend its trade rights.

“We WTO members stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and are united in condemning the Russian Federation’s military offensive against Ukraine with the support of Belarus,” the coalition said.

“We consider the actions of the Russian Federation to be an unprovoked and planned attack on a sovereign democratic state and a blatant violation of the fundamental principles of international law, the United Nations Charter and international peace and security,” he said.

The countries allege that “these actions seriously call into question the respect of the Russian Federation on all international institutions, ethics and standards.”

“Together we urge the Russian Federation to urgently end its military occupation and withdraw its troops immediately. We firmly believe that the Russian Federation must take responsibility and stop undermining democracy, global stability and international law,” they said.

The panel, however, makes it clear that the sentence is not limited to the statement. “Each of us WTO members will take all measures necessary to safeguard our essential security interests, including pro-Ukraine actions or measures to suspend concessions or other obligations to the Russian Federation. Stop the most desirable national treatment of products and services from the Russian Federation,” they highlight.

“Furthermore, in light of Belarus’ material support for the activities of the Russian Federation, we consider that its membership process has been suspended and will not participate in any work related to membership.”

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