January 30, 2023

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World warns of ‘catastrophic consequences’ in Taiwan after registered invasion of Chinese military planes

To the President TaiwanTsai Ing-wen warned of “catastrophic consequences” if the island of independence was captured China. The report comes after Chinese military planes carried out record incursions into the country’s airspace in recent days.

Taiwan is an island of 23 million people, separated from China by independent government and democratic elections. But The Chinese government considers the island as its territory and, if necessary, threatens to seize it by force..

Taiwan condemns Chinese air intrusion into its territory

Ing-wen wrote an article in “Foreign Affairs” magazine on Tuesday (5). Taiwan is committed to defending its democracy and “the nations are increasingly recognizing the threat posed by the Communist Party of China.”.

The Taiwanese leader said that if Taiwan fell, its consequences would be catastrophic for regional peace and the democratic coalition, and a sign that “dictatorship has control over democracy.”

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen observes soldiers during training at an army camp in Taiwan Photo: Ann Wang / Reuters

In the first four days of October, the Chinese government has already brought 150 military aircraft into Taiwan’s airspace (ADIZ).According to the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense, it is a power show that is considered an act of intimidation and aggression by many countries.

The intrusions broke the daily record with 39 flights on Saturday (2) In the second (4), 56 aircraft (the highest number ever recorded), of which 36 fighter jets and 12 H-6 bombs were nuclear-capable..

The United States on Sunday (3) asked China to suspend “provocative” and “disruptive” military operations in the region – a request that was ignored.

“We urge Beijing to end military, diplomatic and economic pressure and coercion on Taiwan,” the State Department said in a statement.

Chinese PA-J16 war-bomb flies to unidentified location-Photo: Taiwan via Ministry of Defense AP

Since Xi Jinping took office as China’s commander in China in 2012, military planes have been occupying Taiwan’s air defense zone almost every day.

In 2020, 380 aircraft from the Chinese Air Force occupied Taiwan’s security zone. This year, there have been more than 600 intrusions in nine months.

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