March 25, 2023

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World enters new wave of Govt-19, WHO warns | International and Materials

“Nineteen months after the onset of the epidemic and seven months after the first vaccinations were allowed, we are now at the early stages of another wave of infections and deaths,” he warned.

Caprice said global failure to share vaccines, tests and treatments triggers a “two-way epidemic”. Countries with insufficient resources are opening up, while others are closing in an effort to slow the spread of the corona virus. The gap between vaccines around the world hides a “terrible injustice”.

“It’s not just a moral outrage, it’s epidemiologically and economically self-destructive,” he said. The director of the company said that the longer the epidemic drags on, the more socio-economic turmoil it will bring. “Epidemic is a test and the world is failing,” he said. Caprice says the threat of Govt-19 will continue until all countries control the disease.

The Tokyo Games are scheduled to start on Friday (23) after being postponed to 2020 due to the Corona virus. However, a growing number of diseases in the Japanese capital have covered up the Olympics, which banned all spectators after the country declared a state of emergency.

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