January 30, 2023

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World announces Taliban Islamic State cell destruction

Not Sunday, or Taliban Said that there was Attack on Islamic State Mosque It killed five people.

Taliban spokesman Jabihullah Mujahid said the group’s militants carried out the operation in northern Kabul on Sunday night. “As a result of a very determined and successful operation, the center of the Islamic State was completely destroyed and the members of the group within it died,” Mujahid said on a social network.

Explosions and gunfire were heard in Kabul during the attack. Pictures posted on social media showed the area on fire.

Abdul Rahman, a government official in Kabul, said a large number of Taliban Special Forces members had attacked at least three houses in his vicinity.

“The clashes continued for several hours. I do not know how many people were killed or arrested, but the fighting was intense,” he said.

The operation comes just hours after a mosque was attacked in memory of the mother of a Taliban spokesman, Mujahideen. She passed away last week.

An official of the Government Cultural Commission, who did not want to be named, said five people were killed and 11 were injured. The victims included civilians and the Taliban. Three people were arrested.

The artifact was placed at the entrance of the mosque and exploded when people left after offering condolences to Mujahid and his family.

On Monday, the Mujahideen said an investigation was underway, but “initial reports indicate that Islamic State-linked groups carried out the attack.”

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