January 30, 2023

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Workers who take advantage of the home office to secretly accumulate jobs

With the development of telecommunications during epidemics, some workers had the opportunity to work “outside” in secret.

Photo: Getty Images / BBC News Brazil

Two professional email addresses, two computers, two employers?

As telecommunications have increased over the past two years, more and more people are quietly taking up two full-time positions, taking advantage of the fact that they are not in the view of their superiors.

Domestic work environments allow two remote jobs to work in secret at the same time – and some workers earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Additional employment can become a safe source of income and additional experience — these are important tools for continuing to reduce mass unemployment, economic uncertainty and well-being at work.

Also, doing more than one full-time job is a golden opportunity that requires wisdom and a willingness to take risks.

Some workers risk dual jobs to regain a sense of control or to challenge the system they believe has been exploited for years.

System development

It’s not uncommon to find people looking for work who keep their full-time jobs: selling jewelry at Etsy, driving like Uber after work, or assembling furniture on the weekends. But “dual employment” is different: the same employee may have separate, simultaneous full-time jobs on different computers.

Some consider the dual employment protocol vague, while others believe that workers simply gain new control and power.

Some consider the dual employment protocol vague, while others believe that workers simply gain new control and power.

Photo: Getty Images / BBC News Brazil

Dual employment is not a completely new phenomenon.

According to a double-working worker under the age of 40 in the San Francisco Bay area of ​​the United States, known in the community as “Isaac”, he has been an “open secret” in the technology industry for many years. Dual employment. He says he has been doing two jobs for many years, earning $ 600,000 (R $ 3.3 million) a year from them.

In April 2021, Isaac launched the Most Employment website, with articles on how to browse while performing multiple distance jobs (Rule # 1? Do not talk about keeping multiple distance jobs). He says that in the last 20 years, with long-distance work long before the epidemic, some workers have explored key positions in the technology industry. Historical evidence suggests that more and more people are exploring the lifestyle provided by dual employment, as other workers from various sectors around the world now have the opportunity to work from home.

Isaac says his site has visitors from all over the world, ranging from people of all ages, starting at 20 (and working on “dual level” and two remote levels) to 60 and over. But the majority of users say they are in the 35 to 40 age range, “they already have a lot of experience and are a little tired of the corporate world.”

In general, during and before the epidemic, Isaac says it was rare to know anyone caught; This usually happens when one is careless in keeping the two jobs separate – however, a programmer who runs a spyware knows that spyware should not run on his main job computer. The employee was fired.

Isaac argues that dual employment does not mean too many long working days; For example, workers may devote 30 hours per week to their original work, and the time filled by non-compulsory meetings or the second job using the Internet outside of work.

Of course, legally, dual employment is a delicate situation: its possibility depends on the type of contract signed by the employee when hiring the original job and whether he is violating non-competitive contracts. And, of course, this is considered highly controversial or unethical; In addition to contractual obligations, workers lie to their “main” employer (naturally or otherwise).

When readers wrote for advice on whether job companies should report dual-working colleagues, news organizations classified this type of “business bigotry” as false and dishonest.

But for those who can work together legally and logically, Isaac argues, there should be plenty of double-working workers.

‘Time to score’

As expected, one reason workers take on a second secret full-time job is to diversify their income limits to make money effectively, says Isaac. But he believes money is not the only reason.

Gerid Chandler-Griglow, managing director of the Ivy School of Management at Western University in Ontario, Canada, agrees that it is not necessary to “secretly try to make more money” with the stereotype of double-working workers.

“Because we are forced to work from home, people ask ‘Where can they optimize their skills?’ ‘What are my true feelings – how can I use those abilities differently?’ He says.

The Home Office allows you to secretly work two distant jobs at once - and some workers earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year

The Home Office allows you to secretly work two distant jobs at once – and some workers earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year

Photo: Getty Images / BBC News Brazil

Chandler-Crichlow (who specializes in the study of human capital (the skills, abilities, and knowledge that workers bring to their work)) says that this concept is very relevant to the discussion of dual employment. For example, someone may have a job as a financial analyst, but may enjoy something else, such as programming or writing. Today’s widespread telecommunications environment allows this researcher to find a job programming or writing and implement those skills.

“I control what I want to do now and where I want to spend my time,” says Chandler-Crichlow. For workers in lower socio-economic groups, he says, having multiple jobs is a means of survival. But the difference is that “professionals who can be described as highly talented take more command into their careers.”

Erin Houghton, a sociology professor studying work and employment at New York State University, agrees. “Probably [os trabalhadores estejam] Try new things. I think this is a time to settle accounts with the work world and discuss the role that work plays in our lives.

Dual employment “can free people up to evaluate other jobs; they may not get paid more but may make more sense to them,” says Hutton.

It is no coincidence that more and more people are trying new things in recent months. “I think epidemics may have encouraged people to think more deeply about what they are doing with their lives and decide that they can do more in their lives,” says Chandler-Griglow.

When looking for dual jobs, more and more workers say to themselves, “Yes, I want to use my skills and abilities – if someone wants to pay me, I will,” he says.

The struggle against the bosses

The fact that people are looking for dual employment is a signal of important formal workplace issues.

For a long time, many workers found their jobs unsatisfactory or meaningless – creating problems such as burnout (professional burnout) and boredom (boredom at work) – and they felt they wanted to continue to succeed in an organization that provided unequal power to managers in labor relations. . According to experts, this may be one of the reasons why dual employment is so popular.

But if employers don’t realize what workers are doing, are they bad managers? “My point is that they have no system to monitor workers this way,” Hutton says.

“For many low-wage workers, both remote and direct, there is a lot of surveillance that effectively prevents this type of dual employment. Look at the call center workers who work remotely, but technology keeps track of the number of calls they make. [estão] The workplace is not punished in that way and managers do not have a system for monitoring and enforcement, ”he says.

According to Chandler-Griglow, the reaction of employers can come “from companies that undermine their responsibilities in the company,” as well as companies that somehow express their agreement because of a lack of support.

Based on Isaac’s perspective as a dual worker and his website activity, one reason people secretly take second jobs is distrust of the realities of corporate life. Some workers believe that secret dual jobs help free that employer, who has not given them the promotion or pay rise they have been looking for for years.

“There is an opinion that our employers are partly our owners, and I see this move as an interesting reaction against this natural perception of the owner,” Hutton says. “We think we owe them something really. We are theirs. But when the time comes, they may fire us tomorrow for no reason.

When Isaac’s company was fired during the epidemics, he survived, but with a new resolution – he would no longer be one of many anonymous employees.

“You treat me like a number, so I treat you like a number,” he says. So, armed with two separate laptops he does two different jobs and part time jobs. He says he didn’t even come close to being found.

What is happening now?

Double jobs may attract attention, but people who secretly seek second jobs are still a minority – and the change carries many more risks.

Moreover, since the dual employment increase is relatively new, it is still unknown to many workers and corporate employees.

For example, it is not clear how companies will act if they feel vulnerable or if an employee feels they are violating the terms of a non-competitive contract. Managers can begin to closely monitor the activities of employees on social media or install software to detect suspicious activity

But for now, some workers will embrace dual jobs – until their supervisors find none.

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