March 24, 2023

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Wonderful! Apple Watch Saves Pregnant Woman’s Life; Learn more!

The Apple Watch device has many functions and one of them is to measure the heart rate. This function makes it possible to say that The Apple Watch saves livesEven recently, a pregnant woman claimed that the gadget saved her life and the life of her baby, indicating that the heart rate was higher than normal.

Apple Watch measures heart rate and saves lives

Apple’s device is packed with very useful functions that can save lives, such as heart rate monitoring. Last week, a pregnant woman in San Francisco, US, credited the Apple Watch with saving her life and the life of her unborn child by issuing a high heart rate warning.

How did the device save her life?

The delivery was still a few weeks away, and because of that, Jessie Kelly stayed away from activities that demanded more than her heartbeat. However, he was surprised to realize that his Apple Watch was warning him of a heart rate above 120 beats per minute.

Kelly says the device alerted him 3 times. At first she thought it was strange but she didn’t care too much. However, the device alerted her again after 10 minutes, and when it alerted a third time, 30 minutes later, she realized something was really wrong and decided to seek a hospital.

Kelly was in labor

Upon arrival at the hospital, doctors said she was already in labor, but because of a complication she had during pregnancy called placental abruption, Kelly lost blood and had low blood pressure.
So, thanks to the Apple Watch alert, Kelly was able to realize it in time and go to the hospital, thus avoiding major complications. Three hours after the incident, Kelly was able to deliver her daughter, Shelby Marie, into the world.

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It’s important to be aware of your Apple Watch alerts

The function is very effective and should be taken into account, Kelly still says from experience “It’s not just texting. Pay attention and listen to your body.

And there are ongoing cases where the device not only saved Kelly’s life, but it was responsible for diagnosing heart problems.