July 2, 2022

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Woman scolds neighbor for barbecuing daily in Argentina | Leouve Portal

When it comes to complaints, we imagine that it involves something serious, right? However, a case in C கோrdoba, Argentina, had repercussions after a woman went to the police to report something unusual.

According to the Metro newspaper, she had only told authorities that a neighbor had a barbecue every day and that it was bothering her.

Before searching the police, the resident knocked on the door of the house next door, but she had no request to reduce the range of frying.

The unusual thing about this story is that the female officers did not even go to the barbecue noise or smoke, but the next door neighbor was able to fry the meat daily.

Alicia Perezutti, the city’s ombudsman’s chief, described the complaint as “unbelievable” because the woman argued that “at current meat prices, we can not eat barbecue every day.”

Finally, in the absence of a direct solution to the case, Alicia came up with two alternatives: “How many times does the notified neighbor eat barbecue or call the victim’s family”.

Also, would you be bothered by your neighbor having a barbecue every day?

By: ND More

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