March 25, 2023

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Woman pretends to be (really) dead to avoid paying R$ 1,417 debt – News

A woman He decided not to pay the debt About R$1,417 (US$268), and asked her son to post photos on Facebook of her apparently dead body. The The idea was hubcap Lisa Devi Pramita, who lives in Indonesia, doesn’t want to pay back the money she borrowed from an acquaintance.

Lisa in the pictures released by her son on the 11th Appear with closed eyes and pieces of cotton in the nose. In other pictures, a stretcher can be seen being carried away by a hospital team.

Maya Gunawan, who met him in a newsgroup and loaned him money, noticed the timing of the posts. The second extension of the US$ 268 loan that Lisa had signed had expired when the pictures were posted on the social network.

Upon taking out the loan, Lisa agreed to make the payment by November 20th. But when the date came she said I didn’t get the money. The second deadline ended on December 6, and Lisa also made some excuses.

On the 12th, the third deadline will end, but the day before Lisa “died” – according to her son’s post, in A tragic car accident. At first, Maya suspects nothing, until her son announces that the burial will be in Aceh Tamiang, a strange distance from where they both live.

One An internet search revealed The hospital photo was copied from the internet, which confronted the son who posted the images, and it didn’t take long for him to admit that it was nothing more than a scheme by the mother to avoid paying off the debt.

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According to Malaysian website Cosmo, despite the discovery of the scheme, Lisa is still unaccounted for and has not paid the debt.

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