March 23, 2023

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Woman in coma from covit awoke on the day equipment was turned off in the United States | The world

A woman who had been in a coma for more than a month after contracting Covit-19 woke up on the day the braces were turned off to help her survive in Portland. United States.

The family has decided to recognize the dismissal after doctors explained that 69-year-old Bettina Lerman was unlikely to survive. According to her son Andrew, they said she would never get up.

Bettina’s case was aggravated by the fact that Bettina was a diabetic and had recently undergone four-fold pacemaker surgery. Doctors said her lungs were “completely destroyed” by the disease and had been ingested since the beginning of her stay.

Andrew told the Washington Post that after his mother abandoned him, he and his brothers moved to Torres, Florida, where they handed over the rented house where he lived and handed over many of his possessions.

The children then began to plan the funeral, going as far as choosing the coffin, the headstone and the clothes for her burial, so that the mother could have the best possible ceremony.

Then, on October 29, he received a phone call from the hospital in which he was told by a doctor that Pettina was awake. Andrew said he dropped the phone and was very surprised by the news.

Bettina Lerman helped care for her ex-husband, who is battling cancer in Portland. When she returned to Florida, Govt planned to get the vaccine, but she fell ill before. Besides him, her ex-husband Andrew and his wife are also infected with the corona virus, but all have already recovered.

Andrew, who has not been vaccinated, told the Washington Post that the severity of his own illness and his mother’s illness led him to reconsider his decision not to vaccinate and that he was now vaccinated.

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