March 23, 2023

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Woman dies after dozens of punctures after plastic surgery: ‘Carnage’ | The world

“We’m in shock. We can not believe it.” Family of 39-year-old Sarah Gomez, who died Jan. 1 Spain After plastic surgery, he still tries to coordinate what happened.

One of the lawyers said they still did not understand how Sarah came out of the surgery, with “typical gunshot wounds”, about 30 0.5-2 cm holes in organs such as the kidneys, colon, intestines or liver. Family ..

“We want the full weight of the law to fall on the perpetrators because it’s murder,” said Ezekiel Nichols, Sarah’s ex – husband and spokeswoman for the woman’s family. .

On December 2, the woman, who was in good health, was admitted to a private clinic in the southeastern Indian port city of Cartagena, according to her family. Spain, Submit a Liposuction.

In this type of intervention, fat is extracted from one part of the body by a cannula and transferred to other parts of the body in order to reshape it.

Five hours after the operation, the surgeon assured Sarah’s family that although she was a little unstable, everything was fine.

However, after a few hours, the patient was transferred to the hospital in a very serious condition – due to loss of blood and other fluids. Until his death on January 1, he was in the intensive care unit for almost a month.

The surgery lasted longer than expected and was performed from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. According to the family’s lawyer Inacio Martinez, the doctor called the emergency services about four hours later.

The medical report from the hospital where Sarah died said, “Necrosis of the abdominal wall, peritonitis, abscess with intestinal contents, full right and left retroperitoneum ellipsoidal muscles exposed, large swelling and ulcers such as gastrointestinal congestion.”

The surgeon, 38-year-old Chile, guarantees that the operation was performed without complications, as confirmed by his anesthesiologist.

However, 12 days after the intervention, the anesthesiologist went to the health department in the Murcia region where Cardagina is located and promised to warn the doctor that the patient was suffering from episodes of low pressure and that fluid had been extracted from her. It was dark, red when it was normal to be yellow when it came to fat.

Sarah’s family lawyer, on the one hand, argued that the surgeon’s “obvious medical negligence” in inserting the canola into the peritoneum. [tecido que reveste a parede abdominal e recobre a maior parte dos órgãos no abdômen] And there is no gap between the skin and the muscle, which is where the fat is.

He added, “I did not understand why they did not stop the operation when they saw that the secreted fluid was red, especially considering the anesthesiologist’s warning or calling the emergency services late.”

Surgeon’s lawyer Pablo Martinez said his client would not have noticed any bleeding during the surgery or thought anything was wrong during the surgery because if he had noticed something strange, he would have stopped the intervention. “.

‘He sold himself well on social media’

Ezekiel Nicholas II, The doctor who operated on his stomach in 2019 would have recommended that he not have liposuction..

But according to Sarah’s ex-husband, when she talked to the surgeon who performed her liposuction, she was reassured that it would be easy and that she would recover in a few days.

Sarah paid 5,700 euros (R $ 36,000) for the surgery.

I met this surgeon three years ago through mutual friends. Eziguel says that when he saw the photos of “all kinds of cosmetic procedures” that the doctor had shown on his Instagram, Sarah would have been excited to have the surgery. “He sold himself well,” says Nicholas.

The judge who handled the case confiscated the surgeon’s passport, but he was not removed from his job as requested by the prosecution.

Who can do cosmetic surgery Spain?

Plastic surgery deaths like Sarah are exceptional cases Spain, Though It is very common for this type of surgery to be performed by doctors without expertise in the subject, Because the law allows.

Currently, anyone with a degree in medicine and specialization in surgery can perform cosmetic, plastic or restorative procedures.

The fact that a physician must have a degree in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery to perform this type of intervention is not required in private health care, it is required in the public network.

Sarah Gomez’s doctor is a cardiac surgeon And holds a master’s degree in aesthetic medicine from the Complutens University in Madrid, says his lawyer.

Sarah’s case has sparked a debate over a change Spain Therefore, only doctors who have studied this specialty can perform plastic, cosmetic or reconstructive surgeries.

“The problem is that there is no regulation of social reality, and we have been governed by rules since 1958 (with some later changes),” says Jose Luis Vila Moriando, president of the Spanish Society of Plastics, Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery (Secpre). .

He continues: “In private health, there are doctors who use false titles like ‘cosmetic surgeon’ and this confuses patients because they believe that a plastic surgeon is going to perform surgery on them.”

Patient Bar Association Spain, Counseling victims of medical-health abuse cases received a total of 67,083 complaints between 2016 and 2020, resulting in 3,717 deaths.

Of the 13,000 performed in 2021, 300 were due to plastic, reconstruction or cosmetic surgery, although the number could be much higher, says Carmen Flores, president of the association for more than two decades.

“There are many who do not complain of fear or humiliation because their close circle did not know they had the surgery and they did not want to say so. We estimate that many more have been affected.”

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