March 27, 2023

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Woman arrested for insulting 8-year-old Jewish boy in US

Christina Darling, 21, was arrested outside a synagogue in New York

247 – In New York, USA, an eight-year-old Jewish boy was arrested by police for allegedly insulting, intimidating, and spitting on a 21-year-old woman. According to the newspaper Or balloon, Christina Darling was charged with aggravated assault with a felony.

The victim’s father, Arya Fried, shouted to a local broadcaster, “Something like Hitler killed you” to a group of three children outside the temple. Fried then said that the son had replied that he would save his sister. At that point, the woman would have once again threatened to spit on the minor.

“I hope she understands the seriousness of what she did. It’s obviously complicated to do that to anyone, but it’s crazy for an adult to do that to a child,” Fried said.

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