March 27, 2023

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Woman arrested for drowning 2-year-old son in Italy

A woman who confessed to drowning her 2 – year – old son and 6 – month – old son has been arrested in Torre del Greco, Naples, Italy, last Sunday night.

The 40-year-old Italian woman, identified as “AG”, said she drowned the child because she believed she was mentally ill, although there was no medical evidence, according to local officials.

Based on Carabineros’ initial investigations into the region, he will be charged with voluntary murder and taken to the Pozzuoli Women’s Prison.

The murder took place around 9pm (local time) when the woman in question went missing from her home. The husband has called the police to investigate the disappearance of his wife. However, a few hours later, he was found at sea on Torres beach, with the baby in his arms.

Woman arrested for drowning 2-year-old son in Italy

Photo: IPA

According to reports, the girl tried to commit suicide by throwing the baby in the water and was stopped by some people there. One of them drowned in the sea to rescue the baby, who was taken ashore, but did not survive despite interventions.

Police took the child’s mother to the Carabinerros Barracks, where she was questioned by Torre Annunciatta’s attorney, who, at the end of the trial, issued an arrest warrant against him.

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