March 25, 2023

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Within 15 days another Mennonite disappears on the border in the 2nd abduction – Interior

Mennonite Pedro Reimer, 23, works as an electrician and was reportedly abducted around 5:00 p.m.

Police are involved in the search for the victim. (Photo: Straight from the streets)

Paraguay police are trying to find another man abducted in Paraguay’s San Pedro area, a region dominated by terrorist guerrilla groups armed with terror in the neighboring country.

Mennonite Pedro Reimer, 23, works as an electrician on the Guira Campana farm and has lived around Rio Verde. Paraguay’s portal Ultima Hora reported that he was taken near the farms of La Yoya, Lucifer and Gyra Campana around 5pm this Monday.

It is unofficial information that the kidnapper has already asked for ransom to be released. Lt. Col. Luis Abestegua, a spokesman for the FTC (Joint Working Group), told the Paraguay Portal that a large number of military agents, apart from the National Police, were involved in the search for the young man.

Similar kidnappings are on the rise in the region. The Mennonites became the main targets of the Mennonites because they lived in territory ruled by organized crime.

On November 22, another Mennonite settler, Helmut Edgar, went missing with two workers on his property in San Point Pedro, where they were later found dead. Most kidnappings and attacks on farms are attributed to the Paraguayan army by the Paraguayan government and police forces.

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