March 25, 2023

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With the advancement of Ômicron, the world records daily records of Govt-19 cases

Considering the increase Micron variant infections In many countries, the world recorded, this Tuesday (28), the Record of daily cases Kovit-19 since the onset of the epidemic. 1.45 million new cases were registered in a single day around the planet.

The last two records were last Thursday (23), with 983,304 cases and on April 28, 905,842 infections were reported.

However, the number of deaths caused by the corona virus continues to decline at an alarming rate. Since mid-October, the moving average has added 7,000 deaths per day, a significantly lower number compared to the peak driven by delta variability.

As the end of the year approaches, the number of trips increases and as a result the Ômicron variant spreads more easily. Many countries in Europe Recorded a series of daily case records in December.

The map shows the daily increase in Govt-19 cases worldwide / in our world of data

Not last Saturday (25), at For the first time, France has reached the milestone of 100,000 infections in a single dayHas registered 104,611 cases. United Kingdom Announced a new record of 122,186 infections The Ômicron variant also made Italy last Friday (24) More than 70% increase in the number of corona virus cases has been reported Last week.

Out Europe, New York State 44,431 new Govt-19 cases have been reported Last Friday (24) marked a 14% increase from the previous record of daily infections.

Scientists from all over the world Express concern about the progress of the Ômicron variant, Which is classified “Very contagious”. In order to combat the new strain, commercial airlines from many countries 6,000 were canceled over the Christmas weekend.

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