January 30, 2023

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With congested emergencies, Portugal breaks daily records for Covid-19 cases: ‘This is confusing,’ says doctor.

Sputnik – Portugal has broken its own record daily in new cases of COVID-19. The latest epidemiological bulletin, released this Wednesday (29), identified 26,867 new infections. Doctors interviewed by Sputnik Brazil report a confusing situation in a hospital emergency.

The previous day, the Bulletin of the Directorate General of Health (DGS) reported 17,172 new cases, surpassing the maximum number of 16,432 since the outbreak, which reached January 28, when Portugal became the nation of the world. The highest number of deaths per million people. Health Minister Marta Demido plans that next week, the country will have to beat 37,000 new cases a day. Mathematicians estimate there will be more than 60,000 infections daily by the end of January. Thanks to the fact that more than 89% of the population has been fully vaccinated, the number of recent deaths (12) and hospital admissions (971) is below the red line, do not worry yet.

However, as the Ômicron variant is highly contagious, records of new infections have put pressure on the National Institutes of Health (NHS). First, the 5,000 employees of the SNS 24 telephone line were unaware of the overwhelming demand of the Portuguese population to call for medical advice in the face of symptoms and positive tests.

Announcement by the Minister of Health to hire 750 employees

Many who are unable to call the number 808 24 24 24 have sought the emergency services of hospitals directly (called emergency in Portugal). As of last Monday (27), SNS 24 had received about 72,000 calls.

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In this context, the Minister of Health announced in January that it would be hiring 750 new staff at two call centers in the cities of Coimbatore and Beja. Specialists include nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, physicians, dentists and sixth-year medical students.

“We have a wide range of demands for health care providers on vaccines, hospitals, areas dedicated to respiratory patients, trials, screenings on SNS Line 24, health care providers, so the services they provide are growing exponentially,” said Marta Demido. Showed.

This is not enough. Although most new cases are not serious, thousands of patients who come to hospitals carry emergency treatment, often unnecessarily.

Rio Grande do Sulin doctor Nair Amaral, who works in the front line to fight Covit-19 at a hospital in Lours in the Lisbon metropolitan area, reported the situation to Sputnik in an interview with Brazil.

“It is confusing in my hospital: many [casos] Positive, vaccinated with all brands, one, two or three doses and non-vaccinated. Quick and easy infection with Ômicron “, abbreviated Nair Amaral.

The expert explains that the hospital emergency room is not only due to COVID-19, but also other chronic diseases (such as cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure) that are neglected during infections, and other respiratory symptoms are more common in the winter. According to him, the NHS already lived in a small range before the epidemic, and now it has broken its structure.

“The general emergency is already full of contagion, it’s broken now. In the respiratory emergency, COVID – 19 cases have now been added, which are many, many. People go with symptoms like this: cough, fever, body aches. Occupied some experts in, “he justifies.

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According to the Brazilian doctor, the shortage of medical resources has been reduced from 30% to 40% compared to the peak of the epidemic, with doctors and nurses leaving.

He holds a Masters Degree in Management for Health Professionals from the University of Lisbon (ISCTE) and many years of experience in the field in Brazil, noting that unlike industry, trade and other services, health is always opposed to innovation in management. .

“That is why there are these chronic crises. This poor management of human resources that drags on over time, it can not be good. We are always the same, we are tired, we have lost many colleagues we went to. We have to work in other places, cities and countries or in the private sector .With winter, it is always full of diseases, so this is a recipe for a bad cake, “he compares.

Doctor Condemns Following People’s Certification: ‘Unbearable’

Bahian doctor Marcelo Lustosa is working in the front line to fight Govt-19 at a hospital in Chetpal, confirming the congestion of emergency services. In an interview with Brazil, Sputnik says that many people who receive a positive diagnosis through self-examination seek hospitalization for medical confirmation.

“[Está] Unbearable and agrees with what the Portuguese media say: only mild or asymptomatic cases, looking for official testing. Only [entre] One or the other of those who have not been vaccinated will appear to be ill, otherwise [entre] The elderly “, details Lustosa.

This reveals an even more serious problem. According to a Brazilian expert, some have resorted to hospitals to obtain medical certification, which would take them out of work and unnecessarily burden the NHS.

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“They lie that they have symptoms to take tests, to get certified, and to die. You need a certificate issued by NHS 24 or a family doctor. But you have to do an official test, it’s not self – worth,” – he differentiates.

Sputnik asked Brazil if this behavior puts pressure on the public health system and if doctors stopped treating patients who really needed it, it would be severe.

“Of course, yes. If the unit is full, it mixes with those who need it. We’re tired. It’s been two years,” he says.

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