March 21, 2023

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With a forklift, a farmer turns into a tourist car, which blocks the gate

On 06/07/2021 6:42 pm

(Credit: Reproduction / Twitter)

A farm worker using a forklip to remove a car from the front gate of his farm overturned the vehicle and then hit the driver, who filmed the scene and kicked the tires of the machine. The fight took place last Saturday (5/6) at Fort Bernard in England.

That moment was recorded and posted on social media. In the logs, a yellow forklift overturns a vehicle and pushes it until it pulls out of the gate. Meanwhile, the owner of the car, in shorts and shorts, records the scene with his cell phone and tries to stop the action, then is knocked by the machine.

BBC broadcaster Jeremy Vine released the video and tweeted: “The driver blocked the farm gate with the car. He has a smartphone. The farmer has a forklift. Who will win this? ”

According to the news website The Sun, locals in the area said dozens of vehicles were parked on the country’s roads, which angered local farmers. One resident involved said: “It’s a little serious, but people are constantly stopping around like idiots in the countryside.”

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