March 27, 2023

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Why spider webs dominate the landscape in Australia | Natural

Is too large Spider webs Extends through trees and lands set up near cities Australia Recently affected by floods.

Residents of the Gibsland region of Victoria saw thin veils appear after several days of heavy rain.

In one area, a spider’s web is covered More than a kilometer on a road.

Survival tricks called “ballooning” involve the creation of web veils, in which spiders are made of silk to reach higher places.

Ken Walker, a senior insect observer at the museum Victoria, said millions of spiders may have woven their fibers into the surrounding trees.

Spiders try to escape from the water by snatching up high ground, experts say. – Photo: Carolyn Grossley via BBC

“Ground-dwelling spiders need to get out of the ground very quickly. The silk sticks to the plants and they can escape,” he told The Age newspaper.

It formed large thin sheets covering the swamps between the cities of Sale and Longford.

Local councilor Carolyn Crosley said she went down to a lake shore Monday night to check flood damage and was delighted with the natural event. Crosley said he had seen its effect before, but not on such a large scale.

“It’s not scary – it was beautiful. Everything was covered in this beautiful spider’s web, all over the trees and fences,” he told the BBC.

“At that time the sun was setting and the light was beautiful and I saw this wave crossing the landscape.”

He said the web was like a layer full of small spiders.

A layer of cobweb covered the roadside. – Photo: Carolyn Grossley via BBC

“It’s true he didn’t split up – it was like these spiders came together to do this amazing natural art installation or something,” he said.

Another local, Amanda Tracker, told the BBC that her family initially misunderstood nets for roadside nets.

“I’ve seen something like this before, but nothing like it,” he said. “It’s absolutely stunning.”

The delicate webs are expected to disintegrate by this weekend.

Residents said it was a good sight after the devastating weather of the previous days.

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Video: Millions of rats invade southwestern Australia

Heavy rain and wind blew across much of Victoria, causing widespread flooding and damage last week. Two people were killed in their cars due to the floods.

Authorities say the storm was a disaster. Hundreds of homes are still without electricity.

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