March 27, 2023

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Why does the WHO oppose the third dose of the Covit-19 vaccine? – Health

A World Health Organization (WHO) An application was publicly opposed Booster dose Gives Vaccine Against a Govit-19 This time, it is a move that has been accepted by various countries in recent weeks, including Brazil. The main reason is the safety of equity in dose distribution between different parts of the planet, and not the health risks to injectors. Director General of the Company, Tetros Adanam Capraius He said the move was “unreasonable”, while many in less developed countries were in a precarious position.

In early August, the organization asked countries to postpone the start of the third dose. “We understand the concern of governments to protect people from delta diversity (The first identified and most widespread strain in India)But we cannot accept that countries that have used the bulk of the vaccine supply are still using it too much, while the world’s most vulnerable people are vulnerable, ”Adanom said.

At that time, more than 80% of vaccine doses were used in high- and middle-income countries, which together accounted for less than half of the world’s population. In addition, he warned that nearly 2% of poorer countries have full vaccine coverage.

The WHO Director-General has pointed out that new, stronger variants of the Covid-19 virus could emerge if global vaccine rates do not increase. Therefore, sizes are donated by rich countries.

Among the reasons mentioned, there is also a lack of scientific evidence on the need for reinforcement, especially for people who are not from a risk group. The use of the third dose was accepted with different priorities in different countries such as Chile, Israel, Germany and Uruguay.

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In African countries, only 2.4% of the population has a complete immunization schedule. New donations in the amount of 117 million are expected in the coming months, according to WHO Africa’s Regional Director, Matsidiso Moiti, but the continent needs an additional 34 million to reach 10% coverage. Recently, the organization asked Johnson to stop sending vaccines produced in South Africa to rich countries on other continents.

In Brazil, the The Ministry of Health has announced that the booster dose will start on September 15. Some Places with advanced propaganda, such as S சாo Louis, anticipated the move And the third dose vaccine was started. The state of So Paulo plans to use this booster dose on September 6th. / With information about EFE and owner agencies