April 1, 2023

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Why did Switzerland break its historical neutrality and accept sanctions against Russia? | Ukraine and Russia

Because Switzerland Are barriers central to the problem?

Russian President Vladimir Putin – Photo: Reuters via Sputnik / Alexei Nikolsky / Kremlin

The Russia Is the 23rd trading partner of Switzerland, But the country’s banks are one of the options of Russian fortune. Many Russian oligarchs have interests in large Swiss companies..

Moreover, 80% of Russian oil and gas deals take place SwitzerlandAccording to estimates quoted in the country’s press.

In recent days, Swiss authorities – who seemed reluctant to use sanctions after the invasion – have come under strong pressure to align themselves with the EU and the EU. To us.

Who are the targets of the blockades?

“Considering the continued military intervention of Russia At UkraineThe Federal Council decided on February 28 to adopt sanctions imposed by the European Union on February 23 and 25, ”the government said in a statement.

The Switzerland It also accepted financial sanctions against the Russian president Vladimir PutinPrime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov came into force immediately.

Finance Minister Ueli Maurer stressed that blocking the assets of those on the EU’s negative list was “an immediate consequence”.

“The Switzerland Reaffirms its unity with Ukraine And its people; The government will provide emergency supplies to people fleeing Poland, and will provide an opportunity to mediate in the dispute.

The Ukraine-Russia meeting in Belarus has been suspended

Justice Minister Karin Keller-Sutter said the five Russian or Ukrainian presidents were “very close.” Vladimir Putin“And with the most important links Switzerland Entry into the country is prohibited. Their identities have not been released.

They are not allowed to reside SwitzerlandBut it’s important to them. “Economic relations, especially in the financial and raw materials business“, He added.

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