March 25, 2023

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‘Why did I share the aggressive photos I experienced on the internet’ | The world

“We have these conversations and then they disappear from public view. Women are not threatened or harassed because they are not constantly talked about“, Said the Englishman Reagan K. When He was going back to his apartment At the university Bristol, England, After a night out with friends in November, she says so Was attacked by a man. She broke her front and fainted. “It’s a part of our daily lives,” he told the BBC Radio 1’s Newspeed.

But still Reagan chose not to remain silent about what had happened, instead releasing details including photos of his injuries. – No Twitter. எல She said a man attacked her “for saying no”. He spat at her, pulled her dress and stabbed her in the face.

It happens more than people understand or realize. I felt that if I said something (in general), it would encourage others to share their experiences. ”

‘Safe community to share’

Earlier this year, The safety of women on the streets in student-living England has become headlines. And that’s a great conversation topic. After Sarah Everest is killed by a metropolitan police officer.

Reagan believes that his participation in the violence he experienced will contribute to a debate about the safety of women. “I do not think that those who do not go like that can continue their life and do not have to think about it.He says, “If things are going to change, everyone needs to think about it emotionally all the time.”

A The reaction to Reagan’s post was “very positive”, According to him, but there were a small number of negative comments. Does it end there She received false messages from men who blamed her for what had happened and asked for explicit photos.

Some people say I lie for free dental care. I deserve what happened because I had to have an attitude and there were those who said it would not have happened if I had not dressed. Very small but vocal, terrible minority. And this attitude is widespread. ”

Reagan told police what happened. “Violence against women and girls, abuse and intimidation are unacceptable and simply intolerable,” a regional police spokesman told Newspeat. He said police inspected area cameras during the incident: “Women and girls must live free from fear of abuse and harassment, and we have a duty to protect, support and empower victims.”

Reagan hopes that by talking about his own experience, he can inspire others to talk about the violence they have experienced: “It is very important to protect our body’s autonomy and the right to feel safe,” he added.