December 8, 2022

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Why are some US politicians worried about Tesla’s new offer in Xinjiang?

Electric car maker Tesla recently opened a new dealership in Xinjiang, China

China International Radio – Electric car maker Tesla recently opened a new dealership in Xinjiang, China, which has been repeatedly attacked by some US politicians. Marco Rubio, an anti-Chinese politician, has expressed “anger” on social media, while threatening White House spokeswoman Jen Zaki Tesla with “serious legal, reputation and consumer risks.”

Why are US politicians so concerned about Telsa’s new offer in Xinjiang? Tesla’s action opened another window to the world to find out the truth about the Xinjiang problem.

The opening of the Tesla dealership in Xinjiang proves once again that the “Uyghur Compulsory Labor Prevention Act” is full of rumors and very absurd, just days after the US President signed into law, Tesla opened it. Xinjiang is based on market rules, which are the political manipulation of American politicians and their counter-attack against the economic threat. It also shows that the law created by the United States regarding Xinjiang is not based on truth or enforcement.

For companies, the business environment counts for their survival and growth. Tesla has opened a subsidiary in Xinjiang, allowing Xinjiang to see the world thrive in the open.

In the first three quarters of 2021, Xinjiang’s GDP grew by 8.8%, and from 2014 to 2020, the total workforce increased by 19.4% from 11.35 million to 13.56 million.

What worries American politicians is that the opening of the Tesla Convenor not only reflects Xinjiang’s growing growth, but also the horrific manipulation of human rights and American economic politicization.