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WHO says vaccine booster neutralizes microns yet – WHO – 12/08/2021 – Balance and Health

It is not yet certain whether there are three dose vaccines against it Govit-19 Neutralism a New omicron variant Corona virus, The World Health Organization (WHO) said today, Wednesday (8). According to the organization, with the development of new research it is expected that in the coming weeks there will be better evidence of the effectiveness of the vaccine booster.

The announcement comes on the same day that BioNTech and Pfizer said their product is in three doses neutralization a nova Laboratory test variant. According to the companies, two doses significantly reduced the neutralizing antibodies against the new strain, while the third dose increased the neutralizing antibodies.

Omigron has already been identified in 57 countries, including Brazil, according to new WHO data.

The new strain has raised the alarm of the international community because of it Large number of mutations.

The 30 in protein S used by the virus to enter human cells is of great concern. Current vaccines are made from these proteins, so there are doubts They may be less efficient Against that strain.

Apart from Pfizer and Bioendech, other companies are already developing studies targeting third-dose vaccines against Omigron. Moderna, for example, plans to produce one Specific amount of Omigron, Which may be ready in March 2022.

Sinovac, the Chinese company that manufactures Coronavac, is another pharmaceutical company Updated version of the Omigran vaccine within three months.

Even with these suspicions, the WHO has already pointed out that the available immunization agents are still very important in preventing the spread of the virus and the deaths caused by Covit-19.

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In this Wednesday’s interview, experts from all organizations called on countries to increase their vaccination rates to avoid the most critical scenario of infection.

Other open points are the intensity of the exchange and variance. Preliminary evidence suggests that She is very contagious, And respected American scientist Anthony Fauci has already stated that micron Even exceeding the transfer rate of the delta.

Other evidence, however, suggests that this variant is not capable of producing the most significant incidence of Covid-19 and does not have a major impact on the increase in mortality from the disease.

For now, safety masks need to be strengthened Bar exchange of variation, Experts say. In Sao Paulo, there were plans to make the use of masks more flexible by December 11, but the state government decided to maintain it. Mandatory equipment in the open.

The WHO also emphasized the importance of avoiding overcrowding and increasing the number of trials and deployments in order to better monitor the Omigron situation around the world.