May 21, 2022

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Wheelchair-bound woman forms joint effort to help save survivors of war in Ukraine: ‘We are backward’ | Ukraine and Russia

People with disabilities face difficulties in escaping war UkraineWhy:

  • You Bomb shelters often lack accessible featuresSuch as slopes and braille signs;
  • And Any attempt to escape requires well-structured transport equipment And / or assistance of volunteer drivers.

“From the beginning of the conflict, we have been backward. No one is trying to improve the situation in the shelters, no one is trying to save us, get us out of here and help us in any way “, he said. Says g1 Tanya Miroshnikova, a 31-year-old Ukrainian, has been using a wheelchair since childhood.

In February, he fled his hometown of Kamyanske (west of the country) to Lviv. Later, he moved to another country (kept secret to ensure the safety of those interviewed).

Her goal, now she is protected Recovering others with special needs who have not yet had a chance to escape. He organizes joint efforts to collect donations and find volunteers, partner organizations and collaborators.

Tanya escapes by train with her mother – Photo: Personal Archive

Tanya describes her journey:

“It was so hard. I went on the train with my mom who relied on crutches [para se locomover], When we hear the noise of military planes above us. This is the longest journey of my life, ”he says.

The picture shows a part of Tanya’s path to escape from Ukraine – Photo: Personal Archive

Since then, the focus has been on keeping more civilians fleeing with difficulty moving.

“Every day it gets harder and harder. Those with more severe disabilities still require specialized medical care in transit. We volunteers are trying to raise funds and find safe places, ”says Tanya.

Helping this audience is nothing new in her life. Before the war, the young woman was already in charge The NGO focuses on defending the rights of disabled Ukrainians, the “struggle for rights”.

As of this Friday (11), the program had collected more than 100 requests from Ukrainians seeking help to leave the country.

Blind couple get help to escape

“Every rescue story is unique,” says Tanya. The Ukrainians say that the appearance of the blind couple in the city of Pucha (attacked by Russian troops) is very significant.

“We spent several days trying to find a driver who could pick them up, until we finally found a volunteer who could take them to the station. [de trem]. ”

On the day of escape, health deteriorates

The most difficult case, according to Tanya, was the Ukrainians Serhi and Olga who were in Lviv and wanted to go to a safe place. Both are wheelchair users and have very sensitive health conditions.

Wheelchair couple manage to escape war in Ukraine – Photo: Personal Archive

“When we finally got a car to pick them up, Sergey’s condition worsened. It was exactly on the day the rescue was scheduled,” Tanya said.

“We had to wait another 48 hours for the situation to improve – but when you are at war, you do not know what will happen tomorrow,” says Tanya.

After suffocation, the escape was successful, and the couple arrived there Poland. “After that, our team was able to negotiate with a voluntary organization in Germany. Both are already receiving treatment at the hospital there.

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