January 30, 2023

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What would a hurricane look like from the inside? See pictures created by Sea Drone – 03/10/2021

Oh Hurricane Sam It is considered the strongest storm of the 2021 Atlantic Ocean hurricane season. Last week, an autonomous marine drone type 4 was able to take amazing pictures taken from inside the storm.

Company Sildron working with the US government agency NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) To track the storm, he shared a video he created last Thursday (30) Sildron Research work SD 1045. Check below:

The video shows the waves beating at different angles as seen by the sea drone. In a press release, The Sildron That said, this is the first video collected by an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) from inside a major hurricane that crossed the Atlantic. According to the report, the waves reached about 15 meters and the wind at that place exceeded 200 km.

Watch below another video released by Sildron, which, in addition to the images captured by the sea drone, also shows its position in relation to Hurricane Sam’s eye.

SD 1045 is part of a fleet of five navies operating in the Atlantic Ocean during this hurricane, collecting data to improve storm forecasting. It is seven meters long and is powered by solar energy.

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