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What the drivers said at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

What the drivers said at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Here’s what the drivers said next NASCAR Cup Series Race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Who ended up in overtime.

Alex BowmanWinner:This thing has been very fast all day. We just didn’t really have the track position we needed to show it. Oh man, what a call for (crew chief) Greg Ives and the guys to take two (tyres) there. It clearly paid off. Kyle (Larson) racing is always fun. He must race with him in order for the pair to win. We’ve always raced each other in a super clean way and with great respect. I just can’t say enough about these guys. It’s been a pretty awful start to the year, so getting out here and winning the last reboot deal is very special.”

Kyle Larson – Second place: “I was glad we had that call. It’s kind of what I wanted to do and when I heard them say we take two tires, I was happy with that. The grip was a snap. I had a good grip there on two tires. I focused quite a bit on crafting it to (turn) three.” Maybe if I could turn it back on, I’d just try to get a better arc and angle to three because when I got there on his side, it got so tight I had to lift off the throttle.”

Ross Chastain – the third place: “Yeah, it’s a dream come true. That’s what all working for. That’s why we train and try to build our entire lives and careers once we realize we can race at this level, is to have racing cars like that. I couldn’t be more proud. Petrac House, and I thank (team owner) Justin Marks and Chevrolet.”

Kyle Bush – fourth place: “A true testament to everyone at Joe Gibbs Racing. I really appreciate my 18-year-olds, but also 11, 19 and 20 – all of them gave and participated. Everyone had a hand in being able to get us going today. So really appreciate it. … I was Quick at the end and just trying to do what I can to take the lead in there with (Martin) Truex (Jr.) I felt like I pulled away a little bit finally and we were coming to white or something, I don’t know what it was, but anyway, it wasn’t It’s supposed to be. Not today. See you next week.”

William Byron Fifth place: “We had a good run. Congratulations to Alex (Baumann). You know we need a good run. We had a tough two weeks. We had the pace all around, but not just the finishes. … It’s great to get the top five, obviously.” We want to win and I felt like there were times in this race where we had potential, but we just had to clean up some of the little things. We have to clean up some of those things on the pit road and get a little better and I think we’ll have a chance to win.”

Eric Almerola Sixth:(Crew Chief Drew Blickensderfer) was doing a great job making good tweaks throughout the race and getting the car better and better. We take the first half of the race and it’s really about learning. We make adjustments. If it’s not good, we go back to it and keep fine-tuning the car to get it to where we need to get it, and usually, in the last few weeks, we’ve got the car where we needed to get it at the end of the race. … We have to keep doing our homework, but, nevertheless, this is a great start to our season and a lot of fun.”

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Tyler Riddick Seven finished: “I am proud of everyone at RCR for helping us salvage a very decent finish in our #8 Chevrolet BetMGM after a long day at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We had to start racing from the back of the field due to some issues with the steering system in our race car. Losing it to this repair definitely cost us a bit more than we expected during the race.We still had some good speed in our Chevy car, but it was definitely very difficult to manage the dirty air and know what adjustments to make, which direction to take with the modifications to the race car Our own during the race.We made a huge mistake turning off Turn 4 but luckily didn’t make contact. We didn’t lose a lap and got back to the match.From there we scratched a little bit at a time, picked up a point or two on the pit road, and a few Points on reboot, everything we can to work our way into better track positioning. I’m proud of the effort everyone at RCR is making for this. We’ll keep digging.”

Christopher Bell Tenth finished: “I was able to get a good result out of it, so it’s nice to get in the top 10. DeWalt Camry was fast and I felt like we could race to win. 18 and 19 seemed to have had that before the yellow came out and I was as good as them. Just should have We collect them all.”

Austin Dillon – End 11: “I am so proud of everyone in this…the team for fighting hard all day at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The race was intense today, and even though we fell behind early due to an accident on the track, we never gave up. We thought strategically about saving Tires when we’re late and the team had great calls in the pits today. We were losers in Stage 1 but ended up decently in Stage 2. We were tight at the end of the day and couldn’t keep turning after a few laps. Not sure if it was something hot or No, but we really struggled in the weather in the traffic today. We had the best of the day and finished 11th, so I’m very proud of everyone on the team because we never gave up.”

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Kevin Harvick – Ended 12: “We experienced traffic on the restart, but we worked through it and everyone on the crew did a good job.”

Joey Logano 14 ended: “We were tight and at first we weren’t very good. We made some adjustments and improved to where we were sixth or seventh, which would have been a decent recovery for all things considered and then we gave up a group at the end.”

Harrison Burton – Finished: 16 “It felt like we had a day full of ups and downs. We ended up in a wall trying to miss a crash and then we ended up hitting someone trying to miss a crash. Every time we got any position on the track we seemed to miss it. It’s a race on the track and a lot. A lot of challenges trying to get through, but overall it was a pretty decent day for us. The finish was at least better than we were at times and worse than we were going fast enough to run sometimes, but at the end of the day we’re building so that’s a step up. We’ve finished Racing really and we got some points and we’re just trying to build in the right direction as a group and try to improve our group as fast as we can.”

Justin Haley 17 ended: “Overall, it was a good day for us. We were able to fix a #31 Chevrolet to protect the California leaf gutter so having the Top 20, I think, is a win for us. We made some big gains, but still there Some of the things we have to work on as a team to take advantage of this effort.”

Austin Cendrick Nineteenth place: “Obviously not a perfect day for a Tire Ford opponent. We really struggled early in the race and lost a bit of our position on the track. It felt like we were hanging out really hard in the top 15 and we had a lot of potential to make the car a little better. We decided to move away from Strategy and we keep our friction in the car and unfortunately, it happened and resulted in us fenced off a few spots outside the top 20., which cornered us two. Recovering from the top 20 is guessing a decent recovery, but certainly not what we wanted or hoped for today, but certainly we learned a lot. Hopefully that will be something we can move forward.”

Daniel Hemrick – Ended 22: “We had some ordeals again this week with some brake issues and some nose damage. That’s not how we painted it, but I’m really proud of the effort everyone put in at Kaulig Racing today. Sometimes 22nd feels like a victory, and that’s what I felt it today in this #16 South Pointe Camaro ZL1.”

Denny Hamlin 32 finished: “We broke the transmission. Just killed all the gear when I left the pit road. We had the best car today. I just got back there and we worked our way forward and made mistakes.”

Cole Custer 33 finished: “Something went under the hood. I’m not sure what it was. It was an eventful day for sure. We started from the back and then started making progress, but we had to go back again. Then we made a turn and had to turn again, so it was a busy day It didn’t end well. We’ll just move on to the next stage. I think we have a solid car. We finally did well in the end and it was shaping up to be a strong day, but it didn’t work out.”

Chase Briscoe – Finished: 35 “We were running really well then 34(Michael McDowellI stayed outside for once on tires and kind of messed with us. We lost a lot of center stage and then he slipped out of the race and I was missing out on a lot. I came across and got a 99 (Daniel Suarez). I don’t know if it hurt him or not, but I would say the last 5-10 laps before I came out recently he was bouncing really, really bad and I think he broke something or broke the tire. I don’t know, I don’t know. I just went in the corner and spun the thing. It’s really unfortunate. I thought we’d be really, really good. We’ve had good speed all year, so we’ll just try to dig a hole next week.”

Ryan Blaney – Finished: 36 “six”Brad Kiselowski) spun on his right in front of me and planted in it. I’m not happy about anything and I don’t mean to be happy about anything when someone loses it right in front of you and ends our day. I wouldn’t call it bad luck, but when someone rolls in front of you and licks you, there’s nothing to make you happy. We had a very fast car and we had nothing to show for it.”

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Daniel Suarez – Finished 37th: “I don’t know what to say. He (Chase Briscoe) was on the loose and he cut me. He didn’t do it on purpose, but it was unfortunate.”