March 27, 2023

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What lies behind the dramatic photo of the Afghans lurking on the plane

debt, US Air Mobility Command

Photo caption,

More than 600 civilians boarded the plane’s half-open loading ramp in panic; They landed safely in Qatar

Hundreds of Afghans stumble upon a US military cargo plane to escape from Kabul: a historical film. The most glamorous photo of the Taliban capturing Afghanistan was recorded on Sunday (8/15) and spread on news sites and social media the next day.

Faces look at the camera – their expressions are a mixture of anxiety and fatigue. They are mostly men, but there are also some women and children – even a baby with a bottle. They are usually inside an airplane carrying troops and cargo from around the world.

The image was originally taken by the U.S. Defense Analysis website Defense One, but was released Tuesday (8/17) by the U.S. Air Mobility Command’s public relations office.

On Sunday (8/15), a security official quoted a U.S. official as saying the public had boarded the plane’s half-open loading ramp in panic. The team decided it was better to take off than to take Afghanistan out of the plane. According to the official, there were about 640 Afghan civilians on board. The plane flew from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, to a U.S. base in Qatar, where they landed safely.