December 9, 2022

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What are the symptoms of Omigran variation compared to the previous ones

Scientists around the world are studying the new variant of Omigran in detail Corona virus It is spreading fast in many countries.

In South Africa, it was first diagnosed and now causes more than 90% of new infections. In London, England, half of the newly registered cases are already caused by omega.

Some discoveries have already been made in which Omigron is significantly more contagious, but much remains to be discovered about this new variant.

What about the symptoms?

In an interview with the BBC, Canadian immunologist and geneticist John Bell, a professor of medicine at the University of Oxford in the UK and adviser to the British government on Covit-19, said Omigran’s symptoms were “different” from previous strains. Corona virus.

Sore throat, muscle aches, especially in the lower back, stuffy nose, stomach problems and loose stools are possible symptoms of the new variant.

“One thing we do know is that Omigran is completely different,” he said, adding that myalgia (muscle pain) was Omigran’s “distinguishing feature” and that public health professionals did not know why.

According to Bell, data from the South Africa and Zoe processor (which helps to collect research on transmission and Govt 19 Symptoms In the UK) Other unusual symptoms of omigran include “some bowel discomfort, loose stools”.

“This is one of the most interesting aspects. (Micron) seems to be behaving differently,” he told the BBC4’s Today show.

Micron is two to three times more diffuse than delta


Doctors in South Africa have noted sore throat, dry cough, more fatigue and sore throat than night sweats.

Loss of taste or smell reported in many patients affected by previous variants of the corona virus does not appear to be one of the symptoms of this variant first reported in South Africa.

Transmission and re-infection

In the interview, Bell added that while some things are known about Omigran, others have not yet been determined by data.

One thing scientists know is its contagion, he said.

“We know a few things about this variation, and there are a lot of things we don’t do,” he said.

“We know this is a highly contagious variant. It’s two or three times more contagious than Delta, which is a highly contagious variant.”

“This is one of the reasons it is spreading so fast across the country (UK), it is so contagious,” he added.

An initial South African study, published on the Medrxiv website, looked at nearly 3 million people affected by Govt-19. It was found that the risk of re-infection by the Omigron variant was three times higher than the delta and beta variants of the corona virus.

The authors concluded: “Evidence suggests that the Omigran variant is associated with a significant ability to exclude the immune system from previous infections.”

There is no consolidated data yet on the severity of the Omigron variant, although reports from South Africa suggest that it may cause mild cov- ety of Getty Images - Getty Images.

There is no consolidated data yet on the severity of the Omigron variant, although reports from South Africa indicate that mild Govt disease may be the cause.



However, when it comes to the severity of the disease, Bell said, “we don’t really have data at the moment,” and added that the coming weeks will mark the severity of the variance in the UK.

In a study of 78,000 Omigran cases in South Africa released last Tuesday (12/14), this variant was found to cause milder disease compared to previous waves, with 29% fewer hospital admissions than Wuhan strain and 23% Delta.

Richard Friedland, CEO of Netcare, South Africa’s largest private healthcare provider, told the British newspaper The Telegraph that the early trends in the country’s fourth wave caused by Omigron point to a “much less severe form” of Covit-19.

During the first three waves, 100% of the 55,000 Kovit-19 patients admitted to the hospital at the Netcare facility needed oxygen. So far, during the new wave, only 10% of the 337 patients admitted to the hospital needed oxygen, Friedland said.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat him.

For their part, British officials have recommended “really serious caution” over reports that there has been a decline in hospital admissions in Omigran cases in South Africa.

This sentiment was echoed by Maria van Kerkov, technology head of the World Health Organization (WHO) Corona virus response, during a December 8 press conference, warning that mild disease reports were small-scale monitoring findings and lacking the necessary evidence. He said it was “very soon” to make scientifically based and conclusive decisions.

On December 12, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned of Omigran’s “wave”: “Do not be misled into thinking that Omigran will not hurt you and that it will not make you and your loved ones seriously ill.”

The next day, the Prime Minister announced the first death victim of the new variant in the country and strengthened the need for vaccination, which was defended by immunologist John Bell.

“The best we can do is vaccinate those who have not been vaccinated,” Bell told the BBC.

“That’s what really hurts the system.”

The UK is trying to speed up vaccination in the country, and hopes to vaccinate full-grown people by the booster dose by the end of this year.

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