May 24, 2022

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What are hypersonic missiles, Russia used for the first time in Ukraine | The world

If confirmed, that would be the first use Russia In this war, the ballistic missile Kinzhal or Dagger was launched from the sky, probably by a MiG-31 fighter jet.

What are hypersonic missiles?

President Vladimir Putin The investment was reiterated Russia Inside High-speed missiles can travel five times faster than soundOr Mac5.

The figures are interesting: according to Russian officials, the Kinzhal can hit a target at a distance of 2,000 km and fly at a speed of 6,000 km / h. But does it make them more dangerous than other missiles or artillery that can cause the same death and destruction?

James Acton, a nuclear policy expert for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said: “I do not see it as important.” Russia Is using hypersonic missiles. “

Putin boasted in December Russia The world was led by hypersonic missiles, which are difficult to track because they can change direction in the middle of the plane.

The Russia He released a video claiming that he had fired a missile at an arms depot in the village of Deliatin in southwest China. UkraineJust 100 km from the border with Romania.

“It simply came to our notice then. Russia These missiles are not in large numbers, “said Dominica Kunertova, of the Zurich Defense Research Center. Switzerland.

‘Not water’

Kinzhal can carry a nuclear weapon and a conventional warship and recent reports suggest that MiG-31 fighter jets will be used in Kaliningrad, reaching many European capitals. There is no indication of where the arsenal attack took place.

“This is a signal to the West that Putin is angry that the West is daring to change its weapons. [para a Ucrânia]”It simply came to our notice then [o Kinzhal] To be precise, then it’s not a game changer. ”

James Acton claims that Kinsall considered the Iskander missile to be modified for warplanes (military aircraft warplanes), and that the Iskander-M missiles were launched by Russian missiles from the beginning of the war.

Although it is much shorter than the Iskander-M aerial missile, the Ministry of Defense Ukraine That said this week Russia In the first 20 days of the war it fired all its Iskander missiles.

A U.S. defense official said Friday that Russian forces have fired more than 1,080 missiles since February 24.

“This is an amazing number and a very significant area of ​​inventory Russia Before the war, Acton said, “the use of unmanned bombs in Russian airstrikes was increasing.” They may be less accurate ammunition. ”