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Was WhatsApp cloned or stolen? Learn how to avoid fraud and withdraw your account technology

Cloning or stealing a WhatsApp account can cost you money if your contacts are tricked by intruders into deposits and transfers. The application contains some steps to protect you and restore your profile (See what to do below).

The goals of cloning and account theft are the same, but they work differently. On Account cloningSomeone else can access the user’s profile picture and contacts Without authorization. From there, he creates a new account and starts chatting with the victim’s friends and family.

This procedure, also called New number wonThe photo is intended to take money from these people who believe they are talking to the victims.

It happened to model Carol TrendiniA fraudster announced that he had transferred money to another account because he thought his mother, 70-year-old Ms Lourdes, was helping her daughter.

No bumps WhatsApp: You know how to protect yourself

I o WhatsApp account theft Occurs when a user sends an incorrect application verification code to a third party After a malicious attitude.

Hackers start setting up the victim’s account on another cell phone and contact it, for example pretending to be employees of stores or banks. When calling or exchanging messages, they ask for a six-digit WhatsApp code.

If they have this information and 2-step verification is not enabled (See how to implement at the end of the report)Criminals can open an account on another cell phone and start receiving messages from the victim’s contacts.

Even if your account is taken, access can be regained. For this, there is a First recommendation: Do not ask the operator to block your tax.

Some people imagine that this action blocks the access of intruders, but in reality it is The account is difficult to recover. Because it is Canceling the line in the operator will not affect the operation of WhatsApp.

If you have asked the operator to lock your SIM card, try to deactivate it as soon as possible. If scams happen on WhatsApp, it is best to follow the steps below.

What to do when cloning

If someone impersonates you on WhatsApp, the best way is to let your contacts know about the scam. Since the application does not provide a way to remove the malicious account, the solution is to give the following tips to your friends and family:

  • Be wary of unusual news;
  • Be wary if someone sends you a message with an unknown number with your photo;
  • If someone asks for money through the app, check that the transfer is really necessary using the number you saved in your contact list.

What to do in case of theft

In case of account theft, WhatsApp provides a way for the victim to regain access to their conversations.

The blog shows what to do if you can’t receive and send information via Wi-Fi on WhatsApp.-Photo: REUTERS / Thomas White

WhatsApp has some features that can help reduce the chances of someone misusing your information.

There is a way to prevent your account from being cloned Restrict your profile picture to your contacts only.

This action prevents strangers from having a conversation with you in order to get your profile photo – restrict who can see your photo on other social networks. To control who has access to your account picture, follow these steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp menu (three dots icon on the home screen);
  2. Click Settings;
  3. Select the option Account;
  4. Access Privacy;
  5. Click Profile image Then select My contacts.

How to control who can see your photo on WhatsApp – Photo: Exposure / WhatsApp

To protect yourself from account theft, Activate the password in the application. Two-step verification, as it is called, allows you to enter the PIN code requested by the application while attempting to activate your account on another cell phone. Check out how to activate a password on WhatsApp:

  1. Access the WhatsApp menu;
  2. Select Settings;
  3. Click Account;
  4. Access Two-step confirmation;
  5. Click To implement;
  6. Follow WhatsApp’s instructions and enter a 6-digit password and your email.

How To Enable Two-Step Verification In WhatsApp-Photo: Playback / WhatsApp

Section Account From the WhatsApp settings, you can access that area as well Security e Check if notifications showing that a contact has installed the app on another phone are enabled.

If anyone borrows as soon as this announcement comes in, they can suspect it is a scam.

WhatsApp will let you know on which devices your account is active. To check, access the application menu and click Connected devices.

The area shows Your account enabled browsers and computers. If you do not recognize one of them, tap the item and select the option Disconnect.

These features help reduce the chances of strangers accessing your information on WhatsApp. Also remember: Some tools are available in other applications as well.

What to do if your cell phone is stolen

Video: Find out what to do if your cell phone is stolen

Video: Find out what to do if your cell phone is stolen

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