March 25, 2023

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Was that table bowling in Boba Fett's book?

Was that table bowling in Boba Fett’s book?

Enthusiastic observers may have discovered a little something turning off About the digital notepad Mok Shaiz’s majordomo used in last week’s closing boba fett book. as pointed out Mike Mica on TwitterInstead of the high-tech machine you might expect, the prop that actor David Pasquez is holding appears to be a tabletop. Coleco Bowlaltronic from the eighties.

Boba Fett And so Star Wars continues its proud tradition of reusing ordinary household items as science fiction gadgets in its distant galaxy. Perhaps the most famous example appears in Episode 5 When an additional item can be seen in the background of Cloud City carrying what appears to be a homemade ice cream maker. This is Star Wars, the background character finally received a file The whole dramawhile the same prop has now been introduced into the Star Wars canon as camtono . security container.

Oh, and you mentioned that some fans like to run through Star Wars Celebration Carry their own ice cream makers In honor of the character? because they do.

There are many such examples across Star Wars. Boston Dynamics spot robots as well as simple torch He appeared in a previous episode of Boba Fettwhile Liam Neeson’s Qui-Gon Jinn used what appeared to be a Gillette razor as a communication device in a the first episode. For a look at the components that go into more unique props like the famous Han Solo blaster, I totally recommend this Old video from

It just goes to show how ordinary items can appear in the other world with the smallest modifications and when placed in the hands of a capable actor.

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