May 21, 2022

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War in Ukraine: Putin wants to purge Russia of traitors – 03/17/2022 – World

Another worrying sign for them Fear that Vladimir Putin’s control over Russia will be tightenedOn Thursday (17) the Kremlin said the country must “self-purify” to eliminate “traitors” against the war in Ukraine.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained that “in these difficult times, many have shown what they are. They are traitors.” Pre-presidential speechHe was accused of sowing the “Fifth Column” to create “civil conflict” in his country and spoke of “the need to cleanse the country itself”.

“The Russian people will always distinguish true patriots from dirty and traitors and spit on them like a mosquito that accidentally came into their mouth,” the president said. Peskov repeated the word: According to him, Russia needs “self-purification to distinguish true patriots from trash and traitors.”

The comments come in the wake of a series of anti-war protests in Ukraine. Like a state television news editor It showed the anti-conflict poster live and the numerous intellectuals and artists who have left their positions in government-affiliated organizations.

Even the leading dancer of the most popular Russian ballet at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow left his position exactly three weeks ago in protest of Putin’s invasion of the neighboring country. Olga Smirnova, granddaughter of Ukrainians who emigrated to the Netherlands, said, “I never thought I would be ashamed of my country.

In the Putin story, all of this The result of sanctions imposed by the West on Russia’s forced war.

To avoid comparing it to the most tragic period of the Soviet Union, Government of the Dictator Joseph Stalin (1927-53), Peskov said the process was already going on in a “natural” way. “They disappear from our lives alone. Some leave their jobs, others leave their jobs, others leave the country. That’s how purification happens,” he said.

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“I found this line very scary, it sounds like gulag stuff,” says Svetlana, a journalist who works for independent websites, and has left Russia for Riga (Latvia) to meet her boyfriend, political scientist Michael. Relatives .. Both are requested not to disclose their surnames.

Gulag (Russian acronym for Head of Field Administration) It was an organization of concentration camps for opponents of the communist regimeEstablished in 1923 on the Tsarist model by Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet state. By 1961, 18 million people had passed under Stalin from the 1930s to the 1950s.

Aware of the reason, Communist Party leader Gunnady Juganov said, “We must defeat the Fifth Column, which is ready to stab us in the back.” The union is largely in opposition to Putin, but it is not advancing the signal and is associating itself with the Kremlin at times like the present.

Case of Publisher Marina Ovsyanikova, Who worked for state television Canal Um and set an example by expressing his opposition through a live poster on Monday (14). He was fined at the Lightning Administration hearing on Tuesday (15), but says he is still in danger – France has already granted him asylum.

That’s what the Russian prosecutor’s office said was still studying the criminal case. Under the terms of the law passed shortly after the start of the war Anyone who spreads false news about the Kremlin’s view of “special military action” could face up to 15 years in prison – Putin’s official name for the conflict.

Svetlana was one of those who thought the law was precisely a threat to intimidate the middle class against war, which is rife with hotels and real estate agencies. Istanbul, Tbilisi, Riga and other neighboring capitals.

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“Now I think it might be something worse,” he said Fear that Putin’s authoritarian regimeIt always had free escape valves for the upper and middle class, closing itself once in a dictatorship – especially if there was a military victory to sell in Ukraine.

He communicates through the most used telegram network by the Russians. He said he had received a warning from his bank that the international credit card he was using would allow him to pay for VPN service and access foreign websites (networks using servers in other countries, excluding local censorship), which would expire on Sunday (20). ).

“Without knowing it, Visa and MasterCard [que saíram da operação russa] They are helping Putin, “wrote Andrei Kolsnikov, a political scientist at the Carnegie Center in Moscow.

Also, a Russian court has extended the arrest of American basketball star Britney Greiner, who is playing in Russia, by two months. He was detained at the Moscow airport on charges of carrying hash oil in his suitcase – It can carry you up to 10 years in prison. His lawyer says the athlete is being persecuted for being an American.

However, this does not mean that there is a majority movement against the war in Russia. All available polls, all government-run and dubious, hold up to about 60% support. The reason for that is many The elderly are often reported by the state media, Mainly Open TV.

Apparently, the situation is changing between the rich and the young, who now see the idea of ​​a Western Russia with Putin’s war. About 15,000 people have been detained The NGO OVD-Info said he was later released on February 24 for protesting the conflict. It’s a lot of people, but it’s not building the revolution that the declining numbers and Western televisions want to paint.

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The key to any change lies with the country’s elite, which has so far remained loyal to the Kremlin’s leader, despite differences of opinion here and there. In addition to reports released by oligarchy abroad, at least five executive jets were spotted at air traffic control sites en route from Moscow to Dubai on Thursday, where wealthy Russians have made a number of investments.

There are rumors that some people inside Putin’s circle are helpless and detained, but there is no independent confirmation. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

This Thursday too, Cosprom, the state-owned gas company, is the head of the country’s flagship company. It called on its 500,000 officials to defend Putin. “Today, as never before, it is important that we stand firm for the common cause of supporting our president,” Alexei Miller wrote in a letter to staff.

Miller has been Putin’s ally since the current president served under the liberal mayor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak, in the early 1990s. He criticized in his speech the Western sanctions on Russia, which did not name the war and dated it.

Cosprom Largest partner of Nord projects StreamThe second branch of the Russia-Germany pipeline duo has been shut down in Berlin in retaliation for the war.