March 21, 2023

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Violence in Chile has prompted the world to declare a state of emergency in the south of the country

Chairman of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, Was announced this Tuesday (12) Emergency In four provinces of the country due to increasing violence in the region. This action is valid for 15 days and can be extended up to 15 days (Understand what this emergency is at the end of the article).

“The people who live in this area continue to live with a deep sense of fear and insecurity,” Pinera said in a statement.

The country, with more than 1.7 million members, is facing unrest across Chile, including the capital, Santiago, amid growing protests led by the indigenous Mapuche tribe.

Protester arrested by riot police during a local protest in Santiago on October 10 – Photo: Martin Bernetti / AFP

There have been peaceful demonstrations, but the situation in the south is even more alarming, with reports of roadblocks, attacks on farm machinery and the burning of religious temples – the burning of a Catholic and an evangelical church. In addition, attacks on police officers have been reported, which took place using large-scale firearms and were in support of drug trafficking, Pinera says.

“This constitution is to better deal with emergency terrorism, drug trafficking and organized crime. Under no circumstances will it be against the people or a group of peaceful citizens,” Binera said.

What is an emergency?

It remains to be seen what concrete steps will be taken. With the Emergency Act, The The Chilean government may issue a curfew Go further, with Meetings and movement range In areas of the country where taxation is in effect.

Pinera explained it Armed forces can be activated, To provide logistics, technical and communication support. According to the “La Tercera” newspaper, the army can support the work of the police – but the president said the army is not allowed to replace other security forces.

Continuation of struggles

Chile is still recovering from a major illness The protests began in October 2019, In widespread dissatisfaction against the political class and the economic system of the country. As a result, the president and Congress agreed to a pass Referendum on the new constitution – It is approved. At the time, The Chilean people are debating what the new text will look like.

You மாபுச், Who are currently protesting in Chile, formed a large group of protesters. Some groups, however, are more aggressive in defending the return of lands owned by indigenous peoples before colonialism, which intensified tensions in the south of the country.

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