March 27, 2023

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Video: Tourist who discovered plastic animals attacked by crocodile | Extraordinary world


Video: Tourist attacked by crocodile after discovering plastic in animal

A tourist at a theme park in Cagayan de Oro (Philippines) was attacked after he approached a real crocodile, believing it to be a plastic copy that only serves as a full-size ornament.

Nehemiah Cipada, 68, was attacked by a 10-foot-long hunter after entering the enclosure to take a selfie “with a sculpture”. The Daily Mail reports that the crocodile’s family saw the tourist being dragged into a swimming pool. The incident took place on November 10.

Nehemiah celebrated his birthday with family members.

The Filipino crocodile, which was screaming for help, was able to get rid of it on its own, and was assisted on the spot by an emergency team until paramedics arrived. A sheet was wrapped around the injured hand to stop the bleeding.

The attack was so aggressive that a three-inch tooth of a reptile was embedded in the flesh of a tourist.

Tourists at Amaya View Park sustained serious injuries with some fractures in their left arm. He also sustained injuries to his right arm and right thigh. Nehemiah underwent several surgeries after being taken to a hospital in Mindanao. The family of the tourist has criticized the park administration for not warning them of the presence of a real crocodile in the area.

The park management agreed to pay the medical expenses, but did not show negligence.

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