July 2, 2022

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Video: Teacher rescues 9-year-old student from suffocation by bottle cap in US; Understand the Heimlich intrigue | The world

An author To us He rescued a 9-year-old student who was drinking water inside the classroom. Watch the video above.

JaNeice Jenkins, who works on the New Jersey Public Network, quickly acted and recreated the call. heimlich maneuver To “reduce the burden” on the student.

“I saw he needed help. I went down to the action to help him. He could not breathe, his face was very pale and he was frustrated,” Jenkins told local television.

Footage of the school’s surveillance system captured the perfect moment when little student Jenkins walked to the desk and asked for help.

The Hemlich Maneuver was invented in 1974 by the same family name, Henry Heimlich. To us.

Medical practice involves placing yourself on the back of a person suffering from shortness of breath and expelling airway obstruction with strong pressure with your hands in the abdominal cavity.

“Extinguishing”, or contraction of the stomach, is repeated several times until the substance that prevents air from passing is expelled.

The quick response made a difference

Professor Janice Jenkins in Unpublished Photo – Photo: Reproduction / Twitter / Reptonaldbane

Elementary school principal Tracy Watkins, commenting on the teacher’s attitude, said that if it had not been for her speed, the situation would have had a tragic effect.

“We are very grateful and proud of Professor Jenkins,” Watkins said.

The incident took place on April 6 at the Community Charter School in East Orange, 40 km from New York.

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