January 30, 2023

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Video: Strong car door opens and the highway is closed in dollars – International

(Photo: Reproduction of social networks)

Travelers on Interstate 5, the main highway on the west coast of the United States, encountered an unusual situation today, Friday afternoon (11/19) – an important highway connecting Mexico with Canada. The incident took place in San Diego, California, following the opening of the door of a sturdy car and the spread of banknotes across the road.

Videos posted on social networking sites make passers-by look at the cash carpet. Many parked cars to collect dollar bills from the ground. California Highway Patrol (CHP) is working with the FBI and has called for a refund.

A CHP police official told the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper that anyone who took the money could face charges. “If there’s no driveway for a lot of TVs on the highway, you can not just pick up TVs.” According to the official, a lot of money has already been returned.

Authorities have not released the amount that fell from the vehicle or the amount recovered. But, they have mentioned that they have pictures of people collecting votes. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the CHP has been given 48 hours to withdraw money and avoid potential criminal activity. At least two have already been identified and arrested.

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