January 30, 2023

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Video: Shark kicks man’s legs in paragliding after jumping from the Red Sea | Extraordinary world


A shark tears a man’s leg while paragliding in the Red Sea

A 37-year-old man, whose identity has not been revealed, was the target of the attack Shark
During paragliding Red Sea
. Information from the newspaper Daily Mirror.
Look at the moment the animal bites:

These pictures were taken last Friday (25) and show the Jordanians circling over the water. With that, a shark emerges and bites Leg
Of the flyer.

The boy lost part of his leg, tore ligaments, tore muscles, and broke leg bones. After his recovery, the victim was taken away Hospital
Prince Hashem’s army and his medical condition were very stable.

Even with the recorded attack, Mohammed Kattawne of the Aqaba International Dive Center told local newspapers that sharks are rarely considered in the Gulf of Aqaba.

“I’ve been diving for 20 years and this is the first time I’ve heard of a shark attack. Sharks are found in every sea and ocean in the world. Red
There are many types of sharks, but they are very rare in the Aqaba region. “

The explanation is that the area presents water that is considered shallow for the presence of this type of shark.

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