December 8, 2022

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Video: Landscapes from a cliff in China and family parks in a car crash

A car crashes into a cliff as a family stands to admire the landscape on the Duku Highway in Xinjiang, China. Attracts many tourists through security cameras at the time of the accident. Information Daily Mail Newspaper.

In the pictures you can see the driver of the vehicle outside the car with the thermos in the passenger side. Suddenly, the vehicle, which had been turned off, began to descend towards the hill.

The man tried to catch the car when a child and a woman in the back seat got out of the car. Another woman, who was in the seat next to the driver, was seriously injured when she was unable to remove her seat belt.

According to the Hedging County Emergency Management Department, the passenger trapped inside the car sustained serious hip injuries but survived. According to the Daily Mail, it is not known if the car’s handbrake failed, the cable was broken or if someone had opened the handbrake.

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