December 8, 2022

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Video: Female leopard attacked and protected by cane

Spread on social websites, a video that went viral this week. In the pictures, recorded on a security camera, a woman is attacked by a leopard and defends herself from a cat using a cane. Initial reports said the attack may have taken place in Parana, but the rumor was later denied. According to the Times of India portal, the case took place last Wednesday (29/9) in Mumbai, Asia. The house is located in the urban woods of the Aray Colony.

The moment the leopard invaded the backyard of a house was recorded on security camera. Next, 55-year-old Nirmala Rampathan Singh walks slowly with the help of a cane and enters the scene. She walked over, cleaned a sidewalk with her hands, and sat on the cat on her back. The woman did not realize that the animal was looking at her, which kept its bright eyes shining on the prey.

Attack scenes are scary. The leopard slowly approaches and surprises the old woman who tried to get up, taking the cane that was near her – but ends up falling. The animal clearly tries to bite the neck of the woman who defends herself by walking the baby.

The beast tries to bite the woman who is screaming for help to escape. The animal abandons and runs away. After a while, some men seem to help the woman.

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