March 27, 2023

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Video: Bungee jumps at the wrong time and the young man dies

Yanginia Morales died while bungee jumping in Colombia last Sunday (17). The lawyer was confused by the instructors’ order and jumped before the safety equipment was fully installed.

The “El Timpo” newspaper reports that the girl was at the place with her boyfriend and that she was also going to practice the tab.

In fact, it was the boy, who already had all the safety equipment, ordered to jump. However, Yeznia thought that this order was hers.

For this reason, believing he was up to the challenge, the woman jumped from a height of almost 50 meters and fell to the ground.

“She is OK. Having already had the right safety equipment, her boyfriend ordered her to start herself. They [instrutores] They only had a saddle on them, but she disrupted the order and moved on, ”said Gustavo Guzman, mayor of the tragic Colombian city of Fredonia.

One of those at the scene recorded the moment of the jump to see the intense activity. In the video, you can even hear the pessimistic voice of the young woman claiming to be dead.

Firefighters were called to the scene. However, they have already found a lifeless lawyer. However, the medical report indicated that the cause of death was not a fall, but a heart attack.

Trigger Warning: Look at the moment of the jump: