January 30, 2023

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Video: At high temperatures, the bear family enters the lake with baths – International

The case took place last Sunday (11/7) and went viral on social media (Photo: Reproduction / Twitter / @ ActiveNorgal)

Something big Senses Common Natural It’s a distant bear that wants to stay away from humans, but a mother bear violates the rule of trying to keep three cubs cool during a trip to Southern Lake Tahoe, California, USA. Four bears were seen entering a lake Dozens Bath.

The case was filed last Sunday (11/7) and Virus On social networks. On June 29 a family of identical bears was spotted in the same lake. Bears are the predominant black bears in the United States and Canada.

According to the ABC 7 news channel, the region has been hit by heat waves, with thermometers averaging 32.2 degrees. It is important to remember that July marks the summer in the Northern Hemisphere, especially this year Temperature This is the normal way.

On June 28, it recorded historical records of temperatures in parts of Canada and the northwestern United States, which led to the closure of schools and clinics. Vaccine Against COVID-19 and postponed a qualified athlete to the Olympics.

Portland (Oregon) and Seattle (Washington State) are two major cities in the northwest of the United States known for their climate. Generally Cold and humid, temperatures reached their highest level since records began in the 1940s.

Portland Airport Recorded According to the National Weather Service (NWS), it was 46.1 .1 C at noon on Monday (after 44.4 ° C on Sunday) and 41.6 C in Seattle.