January 30, 2023

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Video and photos One year since the Beirut eruption: See the port world today

The eruption was caused by ammonium nitrate, which had been stored unsafely in the port for many years.

No head of government has been punished for the bombing. The investigation stopped progressing after requests to collect data from politicians.

Video: A year after the eruption, a drone wreaks havoc in a Lebanese port

The families of the victims have been fighting for justice.

The explosive damage in Beirut can still be seen – the port is still like a battlefield, where the silos are destroyed.

Below are photos of some of the affected areas: There are pictures taken after the accident and current pictures.

Pictured a few days after the eruption in Beirut port on the left, and on the right, the first image from 2021 – Photo: Mohammed Asagir / Reuters

Montage with pictures of 2020 (left) and 2021 (right) near the eruption site in Lebanon – Photo: Aziz Tahar / Reuters

Beirut Harbor, Lebanon, After the Eruption (Left) and 2021 (Right) – Photo: Mohammed Asagir / Reuters

Restaurant damaged by explosion in Beirut port, Lebanon 2020 (left) and 2021 (right) – Photo: Aziz Tahar / Reuters

Grain storage silo in Lebanon port; The first picture was taken a few days after the eruption, and the second in 2021 – Photo: Mohammad Asagir / Reuters

Look at the explosion in the Beirut port of Lebanon; The picture on the left shows the right place after the accident and the picture on the right in 2021 – Photo: Mohammad Asagir / Reuters

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