March 30, 2023

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Victims of attempted robbery arrested after being reprimanded by thieves: ‘mistreatment’

A man and his two children have been arrested in San Lorenzo (Santa Fe Province, Argentina). Condemned by thieves. All three reacted to a home invasion, The perpetrators were assaulted, imprisoned in private jails, and accused of misbehaving with residents.

Walter G., Brian and Ernesto handed the robbers over to the police. But surprisingly, they ended up coming back to her Coming behind the wires. The arrest took place on February 23 and all three are in jail. Thieves respond freely.

Last week, Judge Eugenio Romanini extended the custody of the father and children to 15 days, according to “Diario Democracy”. However, attorney Leandro Lucente was not satisfied and asked for 30 more days in custody. He accused the trio of doing so Illegal loss of liberty aggravated by violence, which carries a maximum sentence of six years in prison.

The public defender accused the residents of acting Defensive. Leandro Demicelli filed the habeas corpus request, which was rejected.

Father and sons arrested for robbery in Argentina: ‘bad treatment’ Photo: Reproduction

Father and sons No criminal record. The two thieves were identified as Nicolás Tofanelli and Alexis Obregón. There are police records for robbery and attempted murder.

“The judge said they could not take justice into their own hands. They are being treated like criminals.”Said Alejandra, Walter’s ex-wife and mother of two children.

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