January 30, 2023

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Vaccinated ‘herd’ violates New York regulations | The world

This Tuesday (15) became a historic day for New York: a year and three months between locking and slightly less stringent rules of social distance, The state finally reached 70% of vaccines (with at least one dose) between the ages of 18 and over.

“Today is an important day after a long, long journey,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said. He promised statewide crackers at 9:15 p.m., paying tribute to essential workers who, during difficult months, took New York on their backs.

In practice, restaurants will no longer have to move tables or use body parts within two meters. Theaters and theaters Can already fill rooms. Commercial buildings, hairdressers, gyms and shops no longer have to measure the temperature of everyone entering or queuing outside as they carry large numbers of customers inside. Almost all the restrictions created with the arrival of Govt. In short, with a few exceptions (such as the obligation to wear a mask in the subway and medical clinics), life has returned to normal.

But in real practice, what Cuomo says: At least here, at least for now, let’s celebrate and hug each other.

One year ago, on June 14, 2020, New York recovered from the first wave. It was still the worst place in the world, the epicenter of the new corona virus: 623 new cases were confirmed in the state in 243 hours, and Govt recorded at least 40 deaths.

But it is undeniable: New York has opened its doors. The tunnel returned to 24-hour service last month. Bars and restaurants operate at 100% capacity and do not need to close before midnight. Concerts, shows and stadiums are back.

A Brazilian chef who opened a cold bar in the western village in the early months of 2020 confirms: People are eating and drinking like tomorrow is not. He had never worked so hard.

Unfortunately, this is still a bittersweet celebration. Today America is past Govt 600,000 death mark. More than 300 people die every day in the country from the new corona virus. Five times more than traffic accidents. In at least ten states, the number of new cases has increased again, while the pace of vaccination has slowed.

That’s why, even in New York, and in the other 14 states where more than 70% of adults have already been vaccinated, it is difficult to stop people from wearing masks.