May 23, 2022

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‘Use a little cocaine’ campaign accused of promoting drug use in Argentina | The world

“Remember this advice: marijuana is the best of flowers and reliable sources. With cocaine and synthetics, go small and slow. Use a little to see how your body works.”

The recommendation was made in leaflets campaigned by the Department of Youth Policy in the Moron municipality, a major city in the western suburbs of Buenos Aires, ruled by Mayor Lucas Kiel, an ally of Vice President Christina Kirschner.

Controversial recommendations distributed during a cultural, entertainment and gastronomic festival last weekend sparked outrage from experts and opponents.

“Risk and harm reduction campaigns should promote healthy habits and health care. In this case, do not take drugs,” commented Carlos Domin, researcher at the Faculty of Medicine in Buenos Aires and head of toxicology at Fernandez Hospital. A note in the capital Argentina.

“When they suggest to go slow [com a cocaína]Tells you how to get started on drug use “, explains Domin.

“One thing is the policy of reducing harm; the other is encouraging consumption where children are. This is not a mistake. It is a policy,” said Maria Eugenia Vidal, deputy governor and former governor of Buenos Aires.

Deputy Waldo Wolf, from the opposition coalition Jundos Bela Change, announced that he would file a criminal complaint against Moron’s officers for “incitement offenses” and “apologizing for drugs.”

George Macri, minister of the federal district of Buenos Aires, accused the campaign of “promoting consumption among young people.”

Risk reduction plan

The municipality’s health secretary, Martin Ladoraka, argued that “the program is aimed at the general public who use drugs,” but at the festival, where flyers are distributed, most participants were families with children.